World Food Day – Celebrating the quest for food!

Food is an eternal quest for human race! Isn’t it? When food met fire, our brains evolved…we evolved. If you think, slightly deep enough it will dawn on you that it’s only human species that learned to cook. And though there are many differing features that set humans apart from other animal species – cooking is something that is strikingly different.

Cooking food revolutionised the way humans grew. In comparison to raw diet, cooked food offered easy to digest calories that naturally developed brain. Slowly the evolution of food, I believe led to defining discoveries and food became a commodity that was trade across the world. A simple beginning that started with raw food being stocked over fire, expanded to capturing the more subtle nuances of taste and flavour. Today food is both a necessity – a daily need for many, and still is also a luxury with no bounds.

Over a span of time humans understood the important of cooking, cultivating food, learnt the importance of earth, climates and seasons. Food brought cultures together and filled our happy moments. Food united us!

Let’s celebrate the importance of food that keeps each one of us thriving and reinforce our commitment to defeat hunger. Shimla Hills wishes you heartiest World Food Day!