Winters: Casting a Magical Spell Yet Again

The Indian subcontinent is not only diverse in terms of its culture but also its weather. And, many parts are already under the charming spell of the sparkling winters. From the ice-capped snow peaks to the chilly breeze to the unexpected heavy rains, India witnesses different facets of the same season and greatly enjoys it while it lasts. The wintery chill spreads from November and lasts even until March at some places. From the crunchy nuttiness of peanut chakki to biting through a fresh round red apple, winter takes everyone’s fancy for one reason or another.

The season boasts of alluring white scenic beauty at many locations, making it a perfect time to curl up near a bonfire and dress up in comfortable soft woollens. People make it a point to enjoy hot bubbling soups made of peas, carrots and enjoy healthy and tasty food preparations from cauliflower, okra, bitter gourd, corn, etc. Certain dry fruits like dates, nuts and oilseeds like sesame seeds also keep one warm during this cold season.

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