Upholding a culture of occupational health and safety

Owing to the large size of shipping containers, heavy lifting machinery is required for their movement. Powered industrial trucks, better known as forklift truck or forklift is used to lift and move materials within short distances. Forklift is indispensable equipment in food manufacturing, warehousing and shipping operations.

At Shimla Hills, we uphold a culture of occupational health and safety and employee wellbeing. Our forklifting units are operated, inspected and tested as per industry defined standards. We deploy the best forklift design and container handling innovations to combat the possibility of accidents. All our forklift units are installed with backup alarms to alert the workers of a forklift unit in close proximity. The operators are exposed to a permissible limit of noise only to guard against NIL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss). We practice the following procedures to reduce occupational noise levels at forklifting sites:

  1. Either eliminating the noisy machinery or substituting it with a quieter plant or process.
  2. Adopting engineering controls to modify plant/ processes with an objective to reduce noise.
  3. Isolation of the source of noise from the workers by using sound absorbing surfaces, noise proof barriers and enclosures.
  4. Providing workers with personal hearing protection aids like earplugs or earmuffs.