Cumin is an essential spice made from the Cuminum cyminum plant. The spice is practically famous in many cuisines including in the Mediterranean and Southwest Asia. The tinge of cumin adds a pleasant, flavorful, distinctive taste. Even so, cumin has been implemented into traditional medicine due to its ‘healing powers’.

Studies claim some of the phenomena benefits of cumin which include better digestion, reducing foodborne infections. More advantages include weight loss, blood sugar control and cholesterol.

Why is cumin so good for YOU?

  1. Iron power – In just one teaspoon of cumin powder, you can attain 1.4mg of iron. Dealing with iron deficiency is one of the most ‘popularly’ unwanted conditions that many have to deal with. A natural way to increase your iron is just adding cumin seeds to your diet! Especially for children, as it encourages growth that young boys and girls significantly need during their ‘growing years’.
  2. Plant compounds – Did you know the cumin seeds are directly related to vast plant compounds that positively affect our health? For example, terpenes, phenols, flavonoids and alkaloid are the plant compounds that act as antioxidants that further reduce the damage from free radicals.
  3. May assist diabetic patients – some components of the cumin seeds have shown results in helping to treat or reduce the diabetes condition. 
  4. Improvises blood cholesterol – clinical studies claim that cumin has also improved blood cholesterol. Studies have shown that people who consumed cumin seeds twice a day has reduced the ‘unhealthy blood triglycerides’. However, there were a vast number of studies that continue to depict the positive outcome of consuming cumin seeds. One study even depictured whether consuming cumin seeds affected the “good” HDL cholesterol, and results claim that in three months people who did consume it had higher levels of HDL than those who didn’t consume it.
  5. Fat reduction – promotes weight loss for those struggling with obesity and weight issues. Those who consumed cumin seeds as compared to those who didn’t claims that women lost weight over the course of time. There are even supplements that contain cumin seeds to aid in weight loss now!
  6. Prevents foodborne illnesses – Using cumin seeds even as a season is great! Why? They have antimicrobial properties that may reduce the risk of foodborne illness. The power of cumin seeds is such that they contain components that reduce the bacteria and specific types of infectious fungi. Once the cumin seed is digested in the body, it contains, antibiotic properties that do wonders!

What do you need to do now?

The bottom line is that cumin has consistently proven to have significant health benefits and since decades. The attention has increased relatively more during recent times, and people are more educated of the natural way of a healthy lifestyle. Instead of a hundred different supplements, you can look directly in your kitchen and reap of the benefits of cumin! At Shimla Hills, we have two types of cumin seeds available – the black and white. The white can be implemented into curries and into a variety of other culinary specialities. The black cumin seeds are used in more authentic dishes such as biryani, or other rice dishes. Due to increased popularity, cumin seeds are even used in American and Spanish dishes to add flavour, taste and health! At Shimla Hills, we supply the best cumin seeds available in the region, and ensure that all our clients gain promising benefits from including these seeds in the lifestyle!

Most trusted, Shimla Hills is here for you! Order your cumin seeds now, and start being the healthier version of you.