During the excruciating painful summers, there’s one form of relief from water-based fruits that entice our pallets with yummy flavours! Lychees are on the smallest, yet tastiest fruits! Part of the Chinese history, the litchi fruit was served as a ‘gift’ to the kings and queens and was supposedly a huge honour.

For a deeper understanding of its roots, lychees are primarily grown in tropical and subtropical regions and have been recognised as delicious enlightenment to many! These ‘pretty-pretty’ delights are produced on a slow-growing medium-sized evergreen tree that only ‘tolerates’ this fruit for a short period.

There are a vast number of reasons why the lychee fruit should be part of your diet and lifestyle, and indeed including these tiny sensations would prevail all! From weight loss – to treating influenza- to reducing signs of ageing and much more.

1.Magical Anticancer effect – having lychees daily in any form, allows the body to prevent the occurrence of these deadly diseases. Having this fruit daily, allows your body to absorb the powerful antioxidants presents and the flavonoids- which in turn has anticancer effects and also acts as an agent to prevent the formation of breast cancer cells.

2.Cardiovascular power – The compound present in lychees known as ligonoal, further encourages the origination of nitric oxide. Also known as NO; these compounds magnify in the blood vessels and lets the blood flow thoroughly.

3. Prevention of Cataract- visual impairment is one of the most challenging conditions that you can face. A cataract is an impairment that is clouding of the lens in the eye. There have been thousands who have been impacted. Hence intense studies portray that lychees may prevent the cataract due to the phytochemicals, that inhibit the abnormal growth of cells in the eye that in turn prevents cataract. 

4. Fights Influenza disease -Influenza is caused by viruses and is an extremely contagious disease. Due to certain strains of these viruses showing resistance to traditional antiviral drugs, there is a need to develop new medications. Litchi fruit extracts have shown to be effective against these viruses. Why? Because they contain these antiviral properties that prevent them from multiplying in the body.

These delicious delicacies are famous at Shimla Hills. We have these as one the most popular summer fruits that have a whitish pulp, a fantastic aroma, and a sweet flavour that dazzles all! We manufacture the best quality of litchi pulp that is sourced from farms. At Shimla Hills, we follow a strict quality control, and are fastidious about the ripening of the fruit. The thoroughly cleaned fruits are then placed into a pulping machine to extract the lychee pulp. We ensure, not to add any additives so that our clientele on a global platform receive the purest form of litchi pulp. At Shimla Hills, we also include excellent packaging to suit our clients’ requirements, keeping the quality intact.

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