A New Take on an Old Classic: Tomato Paste

tomato puree

Tomato Paste is a classic pantry staple. It is a concentrated form of tomatoes with strained seeds and skin. When cooked for a few hours, tomatoes are formed into a paste. Available in cans and tuns, tomato paste has a concentrated tomato flavour. It is a rich source of nutrients and features certain compounds that are no available in raw tomatoes.

One tsp serving of Tomato Paste contains 13 calories and no fat. Therefore, it is unlikely to contribute to weight gain. Tomato Paste also provides 244 international units of vitamin A, essential to eyesight health and fetal development. It also offers 3.5 mg of Vitamin C, which improves immunity and tissue repair.

Therefore, Tomato Paste makes for a healthy food option. Here are reasons to incorporate more Tomato Paste into your everyday meals and snacks.

1. Blends Well with Middle Eastern Recipes

Tomato paste serves as the base of middle eastern cuisine, popular for its unexpected dash of flavor and texture. Their cuisine is soul-soothing: fresh, healthy, wholesome, rich, and aromatic. From the breakfast favourite Shakshuka to Dawood Basha, Tomato Paste intensifies the flavours and provides a thick texture. The paste is also an ingredient in other meat and veggie stock recipes.

2. Gives a Rich Depth of Flavour

Tomato Paste offers tons of flavours to a dish. It can intensify the taste of any food. In terms of a specific menu, Tomato Paste blends beautifully with stews. It helps to thicken and gives an incredible depth of flavouring.

3.  Makes a Creamy Tomato Soup

Tomato Paste can transform a bland recipe into something special. It is a vital ingredient to perk up any dish with its rich tomato taste. Besides that, Tomato Paste is great for a tomato-enriched recipe, like a creamy, flavourful soup. Tomato soup with Tomato Paste? Delicious and bursting with flavours.

4. Elevates the Taste of Fast Food

A quick meal with Tomato Paste will not blow your healthy eating plan. So, you don’t have to feel bad about enjoying a couple of meatballs, meatloaf and burgers with Tomato Paste. It will deliver flavours, protein, and nutritional content all packed in one.

Everyone loves a quick-and-easy recipe that uses Tomato Paste as a shortcut. The next step is to get in touch with the best Tomato Paste manufacturers. Shimla Hills is one of the leading tomato paste suppliers that follow innovative processing methods to make tomato paste. As a result, their Tomato Paste retains the flavour, the colour and the richness of tomatoes