Healthy Reasons to Indulge in Frozen Corn on the Cob

sweet corn

Corn on the cob or sweet corn is one of the best summer foods. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, corn on the cob belongs to the starchy vegetable group. It is available frozen or canned in several varieties. Frozen Corn on the Cob is succulent, sweet, and highly nutritious. Because of these reasons, it deserves a place in your diet this summer.   

1. Promotes Colon Health

Frozen Corn on the cob is a rich source of soluble and insoluble fiber. Researchers at the University of Maryland suggest that a compound known as Inositol Hexaphosphate is found in the corn fiber, preventing colon cancer growth. For maximum benefits, have the frozen sweet corn with cancer-fighting CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) enriched butter. 

2. Good for Diabetes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 40% of Americans may develop Type-2 diabetes during their lifespan, with older adults at higher risk. The frozen sweet corn has a low-calorie density and is, therefore, suitable for people with diabetes. 

3. Contributes to Eye Health

Frozen Corn on the cob is a good source of carotenoids that help improve eye health. Carotenoids also help lower the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. In one study, people on a higher carotenoid diet showed a 43% reduction in eye diseases.

4. Weight Management

Frozen Corn on the cob is a good food option for weight management. One serving of the frozen grain has 60 calories, 0.5 fat, 14.4 g carbs, 1.9 g protein, and 0.7 mg sodium. The high-fiber content keeps you full for longer and helps you resist overeating. 

Sweet corn should be part of your healthy balanced diet. You can get a list of the best exporters for frozen corn on the cob through a quick online search. Shimla Hills is one such reputed supplier known for providing the highest quality products, including IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) sweet corn kernels. In addition, they follow the highest hygiene and safety standards throughout the processing period. 

Sweet Corn on Cob – Shimla Hills

sweet corn

Corn is one of the most ‘famous’ cereal grains across the globe. Grown in countless countries worldwide, corn also come in varieties. Ultimately, sweet corn on cob is as healthy as a cereal grain and its rich in fibre, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.  Corn contains approximately 96 calories which is perfect for low calorie diets as well!

Corn is great for a variety of reasons including:

  1. Reduces the risk of Anemia – because corn is rich in Vitamin B12, folic acid and iron all these elements have a significant effect in the production of red blood cells. Producing enough red blood cells prevents the risk of anaemia.
  2. Boosts energy – Those who are ‘sporty’ and heavily into workouts including corn in your meals is amazing as it contains complex carbs which is digested slowly in the body and hence escalates your energy levels for a longer period of time. One cup of corn allows functioning of the brain and nervous system.
  3. Reduces blood sugar and cholesterol – Sweet corn increases the blood flow in the system and lowers cholesterol absorption. Those with diabetes it regulates insulin levels so is ideal to include in their diet too! Corn is rich in Vitamin B1, B5 and C which overall combats diseases and generates new cells.
  4. Ideal for pregnant women – Corn is rich in folic acid, and contains zeaxanthin and pathogenic acid – those who are wondering these are components that reduce the risk of birth defects. Babies in turn can be protected from issues like muscular degeneration and physiological problems.
  5. Healthy skin – Corn encourages healthy skin due to the vitamin c content and lycopene ( antioxidant) that’s encourages the production of collagen.
  6. Numerous vitamins – overall sweet corn contains a number of vitamins including; Pantothenic acid (also known as vitamin v5) , Folate; also known as vitamin b5 which is also called folic acid and as described it is helpful for pregnant women, Vitamin b6;serving various functions in your body, Niacin; also known as vitamin B3, Potassium ; which is critical for  blood pressure control and can improvise heart health.
    At Shimla Hills, we provide sweet corn that is picked when immature rather than as a grain. We are known to be the best sweet corn providers as it is rich in taste and nutrients. We manufacture IQF sweet corn kernels by the process of ‘de-husking and de-kernelling’. We follow a strict protocol for our corn and a process that provides exquisite taste, benefits and will highly benefit your overall wellbeing.