Can Dry Red Chilli Boost your Immune System?

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Presently, immunity has become an inseparable part of our thoughts, and for good reason. Reason why, including vitamin-infused foods in our daily diet has become important. However, dry red chilli might not be the first option when you think of immune-boosting foods. But it is packed with a healthy dose of vitamins. And, feeding your body with an adequate amount of vitamins modulates your immune system to fight off the flu, common cold, and other viral infections.

Get your Daily Dose of Vitamins with Dry Red Chilli

1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that effectively fights against those free radicals that damage DNA. It also boosts good cholesterol, HDL to maintain a healthy immune system. Dry red chillies probably don’t get the credit for their support to the immune system.

2. Vitamin A

Red chillies can help one stay strong with the help of beta carotene content- one that is proven to safeguard the body’s defense mechanism efficiently. Inside the body, beta carotene gets converted into Vitamin A, thus playing an important role in the functioning of the respiratory system, urinary tract, and intestinal tract.

3. Vitamin B6

Our body cannot produce Vitamin B6, so we must obtain it through our foods. And, dry red chilli peppers are one such good option. Consuming an adequate amount can allow the body to get enough Vitamin B6 which is essential for good health. It plays a great role in energy metabolism and prevents a risk for deficiency.

The dry red chillies are valued in most kitchens and are deceptively easy to prepare. These spicy fruits are versatile enough to take center stage or easily hidden in the form of sides. So, you have options on how to consume it too.

Other than vitamins, these peppers are rich in minerals and other unique plant compounds. They also contain capsaicin that causes a burning sensation in the mouth. It is also linked to several other health benefits like promoting weight loss and acting as pain relief when consumed daily. So what’s the best way to ensure that you’re getting the best variety of red chillies? You have to know which dry red chilli exporters are the best. The red chilli produced by Shimla Hills is a straight virgin

Confessions of a chilli pepper

Confessions of a chilli pepper

Hi there, I am chilli pepper. Hot, sassy, bold…and sometimes beautiful! My journey thus far has been a perfect adventure and I must share it with you.

Columbus had little idea that his intentions to discover shortest possible route to the land of spices could change the global kitchens entirely. Yes that’s true! Columbus discovered America, but in the process found me – the red-hot chilli.

I know…I know spice is a passionate subject among culinary experts. Still, the credit of rivalling black pepper, the most valuable possession of that time goes to me. I enjoyed every bit of attention I got during and after my discovery.

Once I was domesticated, my spread around the world was unstoppable. As an ingredient I rendered a unique spice and fiery flavour to food that most began to love, or, better still, crave.

The secret behind my taste lies not in the seeds or flesh, but in the heat that is concentrated in my inner membranes. The pungent heat comes from capsaicin, the chemical compound which gives chilli its characteristic burn.

If there’s a secret to my pungency, there’s a secret to relieve it. I probably shouldn’t reveal it, nevertheless here it is. Scorched palates, burned lips, dozed senses and intense sweating – the obvious signs of tasting a nasty bit of me. A swig of beer, a gulp of milk and yogurt works better than water to quench that heat away.

The heat generated after consuming me is measurable. That’s right! An American chemist Wilbur Scoville in 1912 invented a scale, known as Scoville heat units (SHU) that measured my spiciness. Anything above 200,000 SHU usually reduces you to tears and unbearable scorching sensation.

‘Chiliheads’ have been too benevolent to make me but a humble spice. Over the years I have grown into brightest colours and craziest shapes. The competition to create fieriest version of me have been cutthroat, mostly secretive and flanked by patent wars.

That’s why my Scoville heat unit keeps getting nastier. While Carolina Reaper at 2,200,000 SHU is presently the hottest chilli on earth; Trinidad Scorpion Butch T at 1,463,700 SHU and Bhut Jolokia (or Ghost Pepper) at 1,041,427 SHU are only few Scoville heat units below. These are some of the deadliest chillies in the world and actually blister skin. You require gloves on hands while handling them. A wide variety of chilli pepper can be bought from Shimla Hills.

To my sheer disappointment though, I have been often negatively portrayed for my use in occult and supernatural practices. However, it is seldom realised that I not only make a potent talisman, but also get used by shamans in magic spells to ward off evil.

In life if there are things to be embarrassed of, there are things to be proud of. I humbly boast of my relieving medicinal properties and patriotic zeal. Capsaicin, the chemical compound responsible for my pungency is also the health delivering component. Loads of health benefits in the form of vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene and other potent antioxidants are hidden within me. I am low in fat, low in cholesterol and low in calories, which is good news for diet conscious people. My spiciness has also found good use in warfare and protective weapons like pepper grenade and pepper sprays.

As spice I am ardently loved, even if it means tears, sweat and excruciating burn. People actually love this adrenaline rush, and want to enjoy it again and again. This is possibly the reason behind hot sauce industries to have grown so rapidly. A new report says that hot sauce production is among 10 fastest-growing industries in the U.S.  I’ve heard the food industry being rife with predictions of hot sauce production being a $1.3 billion industry in U.S. by 2017. That’s awesome!

It is sometimes difficult for me to understand human’s intension to satiate their taste buds. But I love my job! With my pungency getting better-and-better, I see a bright future.

I regret just one thing which is also my life’s most confusing puzzle – Why ‘sambar’ relishes my taste and mammoth elephants run for their life on encountering me. Samba is a large deer native to the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. You don’t know how bad this hurts my pride. I am feared by humans, animals and elephants, but a ‘deer’ can just gobble me down…that’s really agonizing!

Shimla Hills: The year gone by…2013!

Shimla Hills: The year gone by…2013!

Today, as we eagerly wait for the moment when we step into the year 2014 we reflect on the year gone by. As growing part of food industry, Shimla Hills has achieved a lot in year 2013. So here we have a snapshot of our achievements for you all to enjoy!


Shimla Hills : ‘A Government Certified Export House’.
Shimla Hills – ‘A Government Certified Export House’.






Giving Food A Visual Appeal That Tempts Appetite

Giving Food A Visual Appeal That Tempts Appetite

Pablo Picasso was right when he said “Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” Imagine life without dash of colours. Won’t it be plain bland and boring? We recognize most things by their colour and food is not an exception to this.


It is in fact relished in many ways, and perception (the way it looks and feel) is one of them. That is why most culinary experts pay extra attention to taste, but greater to the visual appeal of the cuisines. Besides appeal, colours of the ingredients used in the cuisines influence our appetite. Over the years, subconsciously, we have become habitual to judge the health and nutrition of food by its colour.


Therefore, It Is Important To Feast Eyes Before Taste Buds


It is important to understand the colour psychology because you eat with your eyes before you eat with your mouth.  There’s pasta, which is good. But then there’s pasta with red and yellow peppers, grated soft cheese, bright red sauce and green broccoli that sets your stomach grumbling at first sight.  That’s the difference.


It is about knowing the art of how ingredients are mixed and matched to create a stunning visual appeal without compromising on taste. Here are few blow-by-blow tips on how food can be themed and garnished to bring out that “Visual Taste”.


A Hint Of Cheer And A Dash Of Sunshine

Adding warmth of yellow and mischievousness of  orange  gives  an instant visual appeal to dish. There are lot of colourful vegetables, fruits, seasonings, sauces etc. that can not only enhance the flavour but add beauty to a  seemingly simple dish.

shutterstock_95146177 (2)



Avoid Dark Shades

Avoid theming the entire cuisine in dark shades like blue, black etc. because they are appetite suppressing colours.

Dark Shades




Bright Is Delight

Increase the indulgence by intensifying the food with bright red and green colours.


The Golden Shine

You can caramelize or roast ingredients to bring out the the golden colour and crispy crunch in them.

Golden Shine


Garnishing Has Many Ways To It  

The way cuisines are styled and garnished also matters. It gives food more refined texture, enhancing the breadth of colours used.


Just Sprinkle

It can be freshly grated cheese, chocolates, finely chopped coriander, pinch of minced parsley on a steak and much more. Just be creative and sprinkle right thing.


Just Sprinkle


Using Sprigs

There are many varieties of herbs that enrich the colour of the dish and also add an appetising aroma to it.

Using Sprigs


Giving Knife A Culinary Edge

The way food is sliced, diced and chopped also compliments to the entire look of the dish prepared.

Culinary Edge

Presentation Is An Art

Who would hate to taste food that looks like this?

Presentation Is An Art


And, Now The Secret Ingredient

It is freshness. There is no substitute for it because you can’t expect fusty vegetables, ingredients, fruits and likes to give matchless sparkle to any cuisines. If you are part of the growing and demanding food industry you would definitely know the importance of fresh supply of food products.  Shimla Hills understands this to the core and makes it a point to meet all your needs for tropical fruits, vegetables and processed products anytime you want.