Brush Up on Your Healthy Eating with Basmati Rice


Rice is a favorite staple food for all. This carbohydrate is versatile and can be used be served from breakfast to dessert. While many of us are familiar with white and red rice, there are other rice varieties that are also wholesome and flavorsome. Basmati rice is a popular long-grain rice with a rich fragrant and fluffy texture. The slender grain explains the fluffy texture with a slight stickiness. Basmati rice is ideally used as a base for main dishes, like curries or consumed as a side dish. Here are all the details you need to know about basmati rice.          

It is a type of aromatic rice commonly used in Middle Eastern and Indian dishes. This long-grain rice has a fragrance similar to the toasty aroma of popcorn. It is popularly used while making meat-flecked Biryani as well as side dishes like rice pudding. There are two types of basmati rice available at most stores- white and brown available. The rice imported from India and Pakistan is considered to have the best flavor.

Although Basmati and Jasmine rice are often used interchangeably, they have certain differences. Basmati rice is long and slender, while Jasmine rice is shorter and rounder. And even though the fragrances are somewhat similar, Jasmine rice has a richer aroma.

Basmati rice is loaded with nutrients. 1 cup of cooked white basmati rice contains 210 calories, 5 grams protein, 0.5-gram fat, 46 grams carbohydrates, 0.7-gram fiber, and 0 grams of sugar. It also provides other nutrients. While white basmati rice provides significant amounts of Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6 (which play a great role in heart diseases, the brown variant makes substantial contributions to our intake of fiber, zinc, B vitamins, and phosphorus (for the prevention of diabetes, cancer, and building bones).

With its smooth, sticky texture, and vast degree of usefulness, basmati rice has become a popular choice. They’re well known for their nutrients and fibers. In fact, the long grain rice is packed with over-looked vitamins. You can now include the Basmati rice from Shimla Hills in your diet and reap these great benefits every day. They are one of the best Basmati rice manufacturers and their adherence to quality ensures that our food choices are streamlined in a safer manner.


turmeric-fingers supplier

Belonging to the family of ‘ginger’, turmeric root has immense benefits and uses in nearly every household. The most potent fragrance, turmeric finger has a unique yet earthy taste that adds a tinge of bitterness and a beautiful colour to many culinary dishes. Part of every Indian staple diet, and is one the most potent spices of all. They are known to have ‘magical’ healing properties that include antioxidants, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and other compounds that act as a therapeutic relief agent for many. Turmeric finger was discovered thousands of years ago in India and China. The usage has been long infused into Ayurvedic practices and encourages good health and salubrious body. Nowadays, even ‘westerners’ implement turmeric finger into their diets, after a thorough understanding of how beneficial it truly is! 

The wondrous and favourable advantages include:

1.Relief from Arthritis – the anti-inflammatory properties have been known to treat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid Arthritis. The antioxidants in the turmeric finger demolish the ‘free radicals’ in the body that damage the cells. Those who suffer from arthritic pain should include the turmeric spice daily to get relief in a short period. However, it isn’t a primary medication but can aid in relief for numerous people.

2. Brainpower – aromatic turmerone or ar-turmerone is a compound present in Turmeric and research claims that repairs the stem cells of the brain. For more severe conditions, it also aids in the recovery mode from other diseases such as strokes and Alzheimer’s. 

3. Digestion relief – those who suffer from digestion issues, Turmeric is an excellent way for a quick and efficient fix. The primary components of the spice encourage the gallbladder to create bile, make the digestive system more thorough and efficient. Also, additionally including Turmeric in your diet can reduce bloating.

4. Healing properties– remember when you are kids, and you fall ten times day? Get injuries so often! A remedy that every grandmother recommends would be to use Turmeric as a topical disinfectant that would help all wounds, bruises and injuries to heal faster.

5. Diabetes – one of the significant conditions people face is diabetes! Including Turmeric, delays type 2 diabetes. Also, those who have this chronic condition can help moderate the insulin levels, and make the effects of medications more powerful.

 6. Liver detox – promotes the creation of essential enzymes that immediately detox your body, by detoxifying the blood in the liver. It further breaks down and reduces the toxins, while improvising the blood circulation and hence encourages good liver health.

Overall the primary compound in Turmeric is curcumin, which facilitates in a wide range of health and medical conditions. It is known for its colour, flavour, and other medicinal healing properties. Besides, consuming it internally it can do wonders as a beauty and healing remedy too!

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The incredible benefits of GREEN PEAS

Green Peas

Green peas are always under-rated! Let’s admit it; none of us really understood the benefits of green peas or even thought of it any more than just an ‘ordinary’ vegetable. Green peas have been part of our staple diet, mostly Indians, however still under-valued! Green peas are one of the most ‘nutrient-dense’ foods with all the essential vitamins and antioxidants. Rich in vitamin K, C, folate, manganese and fibre – green peas is one of the most fibrous and delicious legumes to include and can be part of an array of cuisines.


The digestion powers of peas are merely miraculous. Due to the high fibre content present in pea pods, it helps in good digestive health. 

Iron Power 

When you have a deficiency of iron, it leads to illnesses such as anaemia These magic green pods, has iron content that allows your body to make healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells. In turn, when your body has enough iron, you can combat fatigues as well.

Immunity booster 

Rich source of vitamin C, and hence peas are fantastic to build your immunity! According to research, a single serving od peas which cover half of your daily vitamin C needs. A bonus fact is that peas also contain phytoalexins, that is an antioxidant and prevents stomach ulcers.

Eye power

 peas can also do wonders to your eye, as they are filled with carotenoid pigment lutein. This substance can help eliminate the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. This is a great source of ‘food’ to include in your diet as it can help prevent loss of vision in old age. 

Good for heart

The insoluble fibre content present helps in reducing the chances of getting heart diseases and further a stroke. Also, peas add that it helps in ensuring stable blood sugar regulation in the body.

Weight Loss

 For those who want to shed those quick pounds, peas are low in fat and also in calories. Due to the fibre content, one can even lose a significant amount of weight as it reduces the chances of binge eating highly refined food.

Good for skin

Peas, as explained before, is an excellent source of vitamin C, which in turn helps in the production of collagen. Collagen helps keep the skin glowing. When your body receives enough vitamin C, it also protects the skin from the damage.

At Shimla Hills, we manufacture frozen green peas that are packaged according to our customers’ requirements. We offer IQF frozen green peas that are of the highest quality,nutrition and favour. A common myth that we have heard continuously is that frozen items don’t retain their food – hence the same with green peas. At Shimla hills, being one of the leading exporters of agro-products, we ensure premium quality frozen peas, that even have a shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacturing.

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Beloved Mango, It is Time to Appease Now!


I am yet to find a person who doesn’t love mangoes. Just like wine, the taste for mangoes matures with time. I have been having mangoes since childhood, but each season I discover a new taste. The king of fruits, India’s national fruit and divine in its truest sense – it’s not an exaggeration why people go bonkers over it.

Mangoes have been scrupulously grafted over millenniums as Indian masterwork and literally revered as a fruit of God. If its mango, it’s got to be Indian – a feeling which will not be relented under any circumstance. Believe me, most of us don’t reckon the fact that mangoes can exist anywhere other than India. And why not – the first written reference to mangoes dates back to 1000 B.C. in Bradaranyaka Upanishad. This makes them as old as the Indian civilization itself.

So while roaming the grocery market last weekend, I stopped at a shop that boasted of being first to bring season’s first mangoes. It’s a novelty here to be first to have these exotic fruit. Its uniqueness lies in the aroma, taste and the fact that you have to wait for the mango season in order to relish this fruit again.

Standing in a queue to buy these delicious, I understood why mangoes, through ages have been a perfect tool to appease relations with nations and forge friendship. It is their endearing quality to warm up the deepest corners of your heart, and helplessly force a person to immerse senses into sheer bliss.

It is significant to note the love Mughals bestowed on this fruit. Jahangir in Ain-i-Akbari goes down to declare that “notwithstanding the sweetness of the fruits of Kabul, not one of them has, to my taste, the flavour of the mango.”

Whilst poet Mirza Ghalib wrote volumes in praise of mangoes, Dar sifat-e amba is one such poem, explaining his love for mangoes. In fact it is believed that after defeating Humayun at Chausa, Sher Shah Suri gave the name ‘Chausa’ to his favourite mango. Emperor Akbar hastened the process of planting a garden of 100,000 mangoes trees – such was their love for this fruit.

Mango somehow manages to dissolve all difference. Mango diplomacy has been used as an instrument to improve economic and trade relations. This traces back to Indus Valley civilization, to the advent of Mughals all through the British rule to our modern day nation. India and Pakistan, at many times have tried to sort their differences with mango. It worked the same with United States.

So whether it the sweet and sour taste of Totapuri, the rich pulpy Kesar with gritty aftertaste, the candy sweet dussehris of Lucknow or the utterly exotic taste of Alphonso of Ratnagiri – each variety of mangoes have a flavour that speaks about centuries of love and passion for them.

Confessions of a chilli pepper

Confessions of a chilli pepper

Hi there, I am chilli pepper. Hot, sassy, bold…and sometimes beautiful! My journey thus far has been a perfect adventure and I must share it with you.

Columbus had little idea that his intentions to discover shortest possible route to the land of spices could change the global kitchens entirely. Yes that’s true! Columbus discovered America, but in the process found me – the red-hot chilli.

I know…I know spice is a passionate subject among culinary experts. Still, the credit of rivalling black pepper, the most valuable possession of that time goes to me. I enjoyed every bit of attention I got during and after my discovery.

Once I was domesticated, my spread around the world was unstoppable. As an ingredient I rendered a unique spice and fiery flavour to food that most began to love, or, better still, crave.

The secret behind my taste lies not in the seeds or flesh, but in the heat that is concentrated in my inner membranes. The pungent heat comes from capsaicin, the chemical compound which gives chilli its characteristic burn.

If there’s a secret to my pungency, there’s a secret to relieve it. I probably shouldn’t reveal it, nevertheless here it is. Scorched palates, burned lips, dozed senses and intense sweating – the obvious signs of tasting a nasty bit of me. A swig of beer, a gulp of milk and yogurt works better than water to quench that heat away.

The heat generated after consuming me is measurable. That’s right! An American chemist Wilbur Scoville in 1912 invented a scale, known as Scoville heat units (SHU) that measured my spiciness. Anything above 200,000 SHU usually reduces you to tears and unbearable scorching sensation.

‘Chiliheads’ have been too benevolent to make me but a humble spice. Over the years I have grown into brightest colours and craziest shapes. The competition to create fieriest version of me have been cutthroat, mostly secretive and flanked by patent wars.

That’s why my Scoville heat unit keeps getting nastier. While Carolina Reaper at 2,200,000 SHU is presently the hottest chilli on earth; Trinidad Scorpion Butch T at 1,463,700 SHU and Bhut Jolokia (or Ghost Pepper) at 1,041,427 SHU are only few Scoville heat units below. These are some of the deadliest chillies in the world and actually blister skin. You require gloves on hands while handling them. A wide variety of chilli pepper can be bought from Shimla Hills.

To my sheer disappointment though, I have been often negatively portrayed for my use in occult and supernatural practices. However, it is seldom realised that I not only make a potent talisman, but also get used by shamans in magic spells to ward off evil.

In life if there are things to be embarrassed of, there are things to be proud of. I humbly boast of my relieving medicinal properties and patriotic zeal. Capsaicin, the chemical compound responsible for my pungency is also the health delivering component. Loads of health benefits in the form of vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene and other potent antioxidants are hidden within me. I am low in fat, low in cholesterol and low in calories, which is good news for diet conscious people. My spiciness has also found good use in warfare and protective weapons like pepper grenade and pepper sprays.

As spice I am ardently loved, even if it means tears, sweat and excruciating burn. People actually love this adrenaline rush, and want to enjoy it again and again. This is possibly the reason behind hot sauce industries to have grown so rapidly. A new report says that hot sauce production is among 10 fastest-growing industries in the U.S.  I’ve heard the food industry being rife with predictions of hot sauce production being a $1.3 billion industry in U.S. by 2017. That’s awesome!

It is sometimes difficult for me to understand human’s intension to satiate their taste buds. But I love my job! With my pungency getting better-and-better, I see a bright future.

I regret just one thing which is also my life’s most confusing puzzle – Why ‘sambar’ relishes my taste and mammoth elephants run for their life on encountering me. Samba is a large deer native to the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. You don’t know how bad this hurts my pride. I am feared by humans, animals and elephants, but a ‘deer’ can just gobble me down…that’s really agonizing!