Indian mango pulp

Mango’s sweet taste is finding a place in western markets

August 11, 2014

Mangoes are about 50% of the total tropical fruits grown worldwide. Since 1990, the market for mango pulp grew exponentially which is expected to continue.

Indian cashew processing

In the heart of India’s cashew processing industry

August 11, 2014

The cashew loved their new abode so much that they went on to make India not only the largest producer, but also the processors of cashew nut.


The great Indian mango

June 5, 2014

Mango holds a cult value in India. Almost every state in India has a mango variety to offer and the natives are ferociously possessive about them. They will happily guide you on how to slice, dice, eat and enjoy mangoes or the kind of recepies you can make with it.