How Pink Guava Puree Can Make Anyone a Fit Person

How Pink Guava Puree Can Make Anyone a Fit Person

Guavas are tropical fruits known for their unique taste, aroma, and juicy pulp. In addition, they are distinguished based on the colour of their flesh. Pink guava pulp has a sweet taste as compared to white guava pulp.  Pink guava has its origins in South America and also grown abundantly in Asia and South Africa. It is also grown in different parts of India.

High quality and selected pink guavas are preferable for making puree concentrate. Therefore, the tasks like inspection, washing, and blanching are conducted under strict hygienic conditions.

 Now that we are aware of its origin and manufacturing process, let us look at the essential health benefits of Pink Guava Puree.

1. Helpful for PCOS

One of the significant reasons Pink Guava Puree is instrumental in treating hormonal imbalances is its low glycemic index. In addition, Pink Guava Puree is also rich in folates, beneficial for PCOS, a hormonal order common among women. It also contains copper, which is also helpful for producing and absorbing hormones. Hence, this property is beneficial for treating metabolism and subsequently using energy.

2) Enhances Eye Vision

Pink Guava Puree is high in Vitamin A. The fleshy pink fruit is a potent source of Vitamin A responsible for improving one’s vision. Having Pink Guava Puree daily prevents one from having night blindness, a vision-impairing condition caused by the deficiency of Vitamin A.

3) Lowers Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that happens due to the increase of blood sugar levels and when the body cannot produce sufficient insulin to balance the higher sugar levels. While medications and treatments treat diabetes, a good dietary measure can significantly make a positive difference. For example, including Pink Guava Puree in your diet can go a long way to keep diabetes in check. Since the fruit is low in glycemic index and high in dietary fibre, adding it to the daily diet of a diabetic person makes sense.

4) Improves Oral Health

Pink Guava Puree can help to treat bad mouth odour. It contains anti-inflammatory properties which help in soothing the pain caused due to oral problems. In addition, it helps kill infection-causing germs and bacteria in the mouth.

You can use Pink Guava Puree for making candies, preserves, jellies, jams, marmalades, juices, nectars, baby food, beverages, ice-cream, sauces, snacks, and cereal bars. Since this fresh tropical puree has immense health benefits, it is only necessary to select the right supplier. One of the trusted Pink Guava Puree suppliers is Shimla Hills. The company exports the best quality Pink Guava Puree to its customers across the globe.