What is Parboiled Rice and Is it Good for You?


Parboiled Rice is also known as converted Rice. It is partially precooked rice commonly used in Asian and African countries. The process of parboiling includes soaking, steaming, and drying rice. This process transforms the Parboiled Rice into a slightly yellow color. It also improves the rice texture while making it fluffier compared to White Rice.

A 155-gm cup serving of Parboiled Rice contains 194 calories, 0.5 g fat, 41 g carbohydrates, 1 g fiber, and 5 g protein. Parboiled Rice is also a rich source of iron and calcium.

Parboiled Rice also has many health benefits. Let us discuss how healthy this rice grain is.

1. Arsenic Levels

Similar to other rice, Parboiled Rice has levels of inorganic arsenic. Therefore, consuming rice in large amounts may lead to abnormal arsenic levels in the body. However, there are ways to reduce the arsenic levels while eating Parboiled Rice. In addition, rinsing the rice clean can help remove some presence of arsenic. But, it’s necessary to limit the rice intake daily or have it with a variety of food.

2. Treats Diabetes

Studies show that Parboiled Rice has a lower impact on blood sugar levels than White Rice and Brown Rice. This is because Parboiled Rice has a higher protein content and resistant starch. Therefore, it is a safer food choice for diabetic patients as it may not increase the blood sugar levels.

3. Improve Gut Health

Parboiled Rice has the presence of starch, a prebiotic. It acts as a fertilizer and boosts the growth of healthy bacteria. The right balance of microorganisms in the gut can improve both health and mood. So, consuming foods containing prebiotics can be beneficial for gut health. 

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