A mysterious affair

A mysterious affair

Pitter-patter falls the rain, on the roof and windowpane, letting the demigods come again!

The cloud melted into a refreshing downpour and the earth evoked a pleasant musk, signalling the start of rainy season. With every drop of rain, the soil began to breathe again… ravenously gulping water like a dying man gulps for air!

My good old friend from Ica, Peru baffled to see hysteric rush of people, pacing in woozy movements just to enjoy rain. I smirked, and seeing him perplexed described monsoons in India as an excuse to walk in open without getting scorched. An assurance for Indian farmers that better cropping season lies up-ahead. And a promise that is powerful enough to control global economies, food prices, financial deficits, farm subsidies and equity market’s sentiments.

I am sure the Bermuda triangle would not give so much trouble to sailors as the Indian monsoons does to our meteorological agencies! And to add to the woes, human actions that cause an ecological imbalance, keep meddling with their natural and already ambiguous course.

What can I say more, just that I love the mysterious season of rains and delight in sipping hot tea while munching spicy pakoras (Indian snacks), when it rains heart-warmingly.