Kesar Mango Pulp: A Sweet and Sour Delight For Any Occasion

Mango chunks

Mango pulp is a widely used ingredient all over the world, but few people are aware of its diverse and intricate flavours. Kesar mango pulp, in particular, has grown quite popular, providing sweet and sour flavours that are favoured by many. Kesar mango pulp is a thick, creamy, orange-coloured pulp made from the flesh of the Kesar mango. It has a characteristic sweetness with just a hint of sourness and is often used in Indian desserts and drinks.

The fruit is large and oval-shaped with smooth, yellow-orange skin. The flesh of the fruit is deep orange in colour and is very aromatic. The pulp of the Kesar mango has many uses in Indian cuisine. It can be used to make desserts such as ice cream, sherbet, or pudding. The pulp can also be used as a condiment for savoury dishes such as curry or rice.

Read on to find out why kesar mango pulp is perfect for any occasion!

1) Add it to Smoothies

One popular way is to make a smoothie with it. Simply combine the Kesar mango pulp with some yoghurt or milk, and add any other desired ingredients, such as fruits or nuts. You can also use it as a base for making beverages like Mango Lassi.

2) Use it as a Topping for Ice cream

What better way to enjoy mangoes than in ice cream? Mango ice cream is a delicious and refreshing treat that’s perfect for any occasion. Made with fresh Kesar mango pulp, milk, and cream, this sweet and creamy dessert is sure to please everyone. Serve it on its own, or top it with your favourite toppings, like whipped cream or chopped nuts.

3) Mix into Cake Batter

When using kesar mango pulp as a cake filling, it is important to remember that it will thicken when heated. Therefore, it is best to add the pulp to the cake batter before baking. This will help to prevent your cake from becoming too dense. If you are using kesar mango pulp as a frosting or topping, you can simply spread it on top of your dessert after it has been cooked. The pulp will add a beautiful orange colour and delicious flavour to your dessert without making it too sweet.

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A Complete Overview of Kesar Mango Pulp


Kesar mango pulp are delicious! You can eat them on their own and they taste great. You can use them with desserts, drinks, and salads. These soft-fleshed fruit contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can boost your memory, lower inflammation, and provide other benefits. Also known as the ‘Queen of the fruits,’ mango pulp is famous worldwide. There are many aspects of the kesar mango pulp that one may not of. So, we bring to you some interesting facts about the fruit that you’d surprised to know about.

1) How the Name Originated

Kesar mango pulp is one of the most loved fruits in the world, but there is so much about the fruit that we all know about. But do you know how the kesar mango pulp got its name? The fruit was initially known as Gir Mangoes. Later in 1934, the Nawab of Junagadh Muhammad Mahabat Khan III gave it the name Kesar. And this is how its name Kesar originated.

2) Versatility

Take your love of kesar mango pulp to new heights with sweet, savoury, and surprising recipes. It’s enjoyable to eat them fresh, but the number of recipes you can make with it is immense. You can add them to veggies, fried rice, salad, fudge, puddings and many more. All the sweet recipes will leave you spoilt for choice.

3) Health Benefits

Kesar mango pulp aren’t just perfect for food toppings or making smoothies, they’re great for maintaining great health, too! Have this sweet, antioxidant rich food and reap the health benefits. Its rich content of vitamin A helps you improve your eyesight and bone development, vitamin C to boost your immunity, and potassium to control blood pressure. In addition, it helps prevent cancer cells, improve digestive system, and helps treat kidney related disorders.

4) Recommended by Dieticians

Kesar mango pulp is approved by dieticians and doctors alike. They believe the nutrients present in the fruit pulp makes it perfectly fine for diabetes and weight watchers. As they are rich in beta carotene, vitamin C, fibre, and vitamin B6, kesar mango pulp is great for managing health as long as you take it in moderation. According to dieticians, it is good to listen to our stomach and eat as much as it requires.

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Why Kesar Mango Pulp is an All-Time Summer Favourite?


Kesar Mango is a popular Indian variety of mangoes and is known as the Queen of fruits. It originated from the coasts of Gujarat and Junagadh. Kesar Mango was earlier known as Gir Mango before Nawab of Junagadh Muhammad Mahabat Khan III gave it the name ‘Kesar’ in 1934. And this is how Kesar Mango derived its name.

Much like the fruit, Kesar Mango Pulp is also highly relished in India and other parts of the world. This is because they have a unique nutrient content that makes them highly popular.

Below, we have listed some reasons why they are favored by many people.

1) Real Kesar Mango Flavour

Kesar Mango Pulp offers the most original and authentic taste of Kesar mangoes. The fruit’s uniformly ripened golden yellow has a hint of red, with characteristic aroma, sweetness and juiciness.

2) Rich in Nutrients

Kesar Mango is a popular fruit with rich nutritional benefits. One cup of Kesar Mango Pulp provides calcium, phosphorous, iron, potash, magnesium, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins A and C. All these nutrients keep various health disorders at bay. Other health benefits of Kesar Mango Pulp are that it helps prevent cancer, lowers the cholesterol in the body, clears the skin, improves eye health, and improves digestion.

3) Low in Calories

Another benefit of Kesar Mango Pulp is that it is low in calories. One cup of fresh mango contains less than 100 calories and has a low-calorie density. Having fresh fruit before any meal during summer could prevent you from overeating.

4) Packed with Healthy Plant Compounds

Kesar Mango Pulp is rich in polyphenols, a plant compound that acts as antioxidants. The fruit has several concentrated types in the flesh, peeled, and seed kernel forms. Antioxidants are essential as they help protect cells against free radicals, and their highly reactive compounds can damage your cells. Studies have associated free radical damage with ageing signs and chronic diseases.

5) Improves Gut Health

Kesar Mango Pulp also has a good fibre content. It also aids in keeping the digestive tract healthy. The fresh fruit also adds bulk to stools and helps in the smooth movement of bowels. It can thus help prevent constipation. The mango pulp is also beneficial for keeping stomach disorders at bay. You can add it as a topping to your salads to add more fibre to your diet.

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