IQF Fruits and Vegetables: Frozen Delights by Shimla Hills


Abbreviated from Individually Quick Frozen, IQF is a technique under which each individual piece of food is frozen separately. Rather than freezing food pieces together and making a block of it, each food piece is chilled individually. This terrific technology makes IQF fruits and vegetables much easier to work with.

Shimla Hills, a trusted frozen fruit manufacturer and exporter, offers an exclusive range of IQF fruits and vegetables that attract customers from around the world. Each of our frozen product offers long-lasting freshness, taste and texture, which makes our brand presence felt across the globe.

Our best quality IQF fruits and vegetables are famous for following high-quality standards. We provide everything right from the diced, sliced forms to a completely frozen IQF variety of fruits and vegetables and that too at the most competitive price. Now you can relish some of your favourite fruits and vegetables all year round. For example, mangoes, muskmelons, strawberries and much more.

Why choose IQF?

1. Easier option – no peeling, cutting, and chopping plus a longer shelf life

2. Affordable rates

3. Both frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables with IQF have the same nutritional value.

Being a bulk quantity exporter of IQF food products, Shimla Hills never overlooks Quality. Only fruits and vegetables that are free from genetic modifications are selected to be frozen. They are also inspected thoroughly and washed before turning them into chilled delights.

Along with quality standards followed for IQF, an emphasis is also laid on the best packaging. The packing of IQF Fruits and Vegetables ensures that the flavour and quality of the offering remain intact.

IQF offering of Shimla Hills includes IQF Papaya, IQF Pineapple, IQF Coconut Cubes, IQF Green Peas, IQF Baby Corn, IQF Musk Melon, IQF Okra, IQF Guava, IQF Sweet Corn, IQF Pomegranate Arils, IQF Carrot, IQF Mixed Vegetables, and of course the king of fruits and blessing of Summer, IQF Mangoes (Alphonso and Totapuri). When you chose the IQF method, you choose a healthy and fulfilling one!