Shimla Hills: The year gone by…2013!

Shimla Hills: The year gone by…2013!

Today, as we eagerly wait for the moment when we step into the year 2014 we reflect on the year gone by. As growing part of food industry, Shimla Hills has achieved a lot in year 2013. So here we have a snapshot of our achievements for you all to enjoy!


Shimla Hills : ‘A Government Certified Export House’.
Shimla Hills – ‘A Government Certified Export House’.






The story of a wooden pallet

The story of a wooden pallet

Generally our quality team checks the consignment before handing it over to the client. Last winter, when one of our consignments was shipped to Dubai, our quality personnel was surprised to find mould formation on the wooden pallets used for carrying drums containing aseptic pulp packets. These pallets help in better and quicker forklifting.

But, what was more surprising was the fact that each wooden pallet used for exporting goods was thoroughly fumigated and carried a fumigation certificate for authentication.


In international food trade, it is mandatory to get a fumigation certificate to prove that all wooden materials used for packaging has been treated for all types of infestations like moulds pests, termites etc. Fumigation is a method through which any form of infestations in the wood can be killed by using chemical agents thereby preventing their transfer in other countries while shipping.


shimla 0 bad condition pallets with mold


Even after assuring systematic fumigation, the mould formation developed on the wooden pallets. Our research team evaluated the entire scenario and discovered a vital fact. The kind of wood being used for pallets was vulnerable to mould, termite, pest and microbial elements even after fumigation.

It was then discovered that if we used Kerala wood, which is popularly known as ‘Neem’ wood, this problem could be evaded. Neem is one of the most valued trees in India. It belongs to the mahogany family and is also known as Indian Lilac and margosa tree.


Neem wood is far more superior to ordinary wood for two very important reasons. Just like mahogany, the heartwood of neem is very strong and durable. It does not split easily, the secret for which lies in its internal structure. Second, comes its pest and disease control properties which make it a natural alternative to synthetic pesticides.


Since then none of our consignments have been reported to have mould formation by our quality team. So next time you receive a consignment, do keep a check on the type of wood being used for the pallets!