Tamarind is the sour-sweet fruit, that is majorly used in Indian and African cuisines, and is also now implemented in Asian and Middle Eastern preparations. Tamarind is so sensational that it is also used for external purposes such as for diabetes, snake bites and other chronic conditions.

Tamarind has always been perceived as part of the Indian origin, however fun fact? Tamarind has been naturalised in Hawaii since the 1700s. Indians have entailed tamarind as part of their staple diet, and have embraced the sweet and tanginess.

Besides being a tasty condiment in various cuisines and dishes, tamarind is used for multiple therapeutic properties, that widely benefit all! From inflammation-to asthma-to swollen joints-to fever etc.

The seven prime benefits of tamarind include:

1.Ease Liver injury – When one goes through any chronic inflammations in their body, it adversely affects the lives of many. Studies have been conducted to show how tamarind seed extracts have benefitted and reduced liver oxidative stress. The procyanidins present in the tamarind extract prevents the damage to the liver. There are also minerals present in the tamarind – which include magnesium, selenium, iron and other properties that focus on building the body’s defense system against oxidative stress. 

2. Weight Management – obesity is one of the predominant factors, that lead to severe conditions related to the heart, liver, kidney, and other disorders. Researchers have conducted several studies that have shown the direct link between tamarind pulp and the reduction of bad cholesterol and heighten the right cholesterol present in the plasma. The extract reduces the FAS (fatty acid synthase), which is denoted as an enzyme that encourages the formation of ‘adipose tissue’ in your body.

3.Controls hypertension – the tamarind fruit has been known to have anti-hypertensive effects. The properties in tamarind pulp can reduce diastolic blood pressure.

4. Prevents Malaria and microbial disease – as traditional medication, tamarind has been used as ‘fever control medicine’. Primarily in Africa, the leaves, or generally tamarind has been used to treat Malaria. Why? Due to the antimicrobial properties, that have a positive effect that hinders the harmful impact of Malaria and other dangerous fevers. Similar fevers caused due to infectious bacteria can also be coped with these tamarind extracts.

What’s next? Include these divine extracts into your daily regime and reap the benefits immediately.

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