Raw Mango Pulp: The Country’s Delight

Summer is almost here, and it is time to relish everyone’s favourite fruit- mango! In India, one has the fondest childhood memories associated with Raw Mango Pulp. Be it the love for Aam Paana or Aam ka Achar, we all have found our ways to enjoy the blend of raw mango flesh.

Also known as Kachchi Kairi in Hindi, this summer fruit has more benefits when added to the diet. People across India experiment with Raw Mango Pulp to bring unexpected flavours to the table. Below, we have rounded up the recipes that have a separate fan base across all the four zones of the country.  

1) North

In Northern India, you’ll find local dishes that rely on Raw Mango Pulp. Aam Panna and Khatta curry are two popular examples. Aam Panna is a sweet and savoury cooling drink made from green mangoes. Khatta or sour meat is a mutton recipe found across Northern India’s hills and considered a staple for the Dogri community in Jammu. The perfect combination of spiciness and sourness achieved using Raw Mango Pulp or dry mango powder gives this mutton curry a unique flavour.

2) South

Every dish has a sweet addition of mango in the South. From rasam to sambhar, the fruit elevates the taste to every recipe. In Karnataka, mango rasam is a popular recipe made with raw mango pulp and jaggery. Mamidikayu Pappu is another speciality found across Southern India, majorly in Andhra Pradesh. It’s a kind of a sweet lentil dish made with raw mangoes, lentils, spices, and herbs. This tangy and sweet recipe is comfort food in many households.

3) East

The cuisines in East India are revered for their simple ingredients. Most of their traditional recipes are also quick and hassle-free. Similarly, popular local recipes rely on Raw Mango Pulp, such as Aam Kasundi, a tangy sauce, Tok Dal, a Bengali curry, and Aamer Chutney, a sweet and tangy raw mango chutney.

4) West

The great Indian aam works well with many of the recipes in West India too. Hailing from the West, Fajeto and Baflo are two traditional recipes attributed to the Gujaratis. Fajeto is a traditional Gujarati mango-based kadhi. Commonly served with steamed rice, rotis, and raw mango pickle, Fajeto gives off a tangy, hot and sweet taste. While Baflo is a popular summer drink in Gujarati households.

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