The black seed fruit that has proven to be a miraculous wholesome fruit. The papaya fruit has changed the ways of life and has been the new method to make a healthy living.

Research has been conducted over several years to prove the profound benefits that papaya fruit, and it indeed has been uncanny. Papaya puree or even juice is extracted from the papaya tree originally that is grown in the tropical areas of America. The fruit entails dozens of black seeds, and the orange part which is the actual fruit is that main element that can transform you health ritual.

Why papaya, though? The vast amounts of vitamins including vitamin C, folate, vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin E, K, B, magnesium and the list goes on. All the primary nutrients that you need are all in this orange ‘wonder fruit’. 

While many people still consume the fruit, consumption of the papaya concentrate is a perfect shot to enjoy the health benefits.

So, what can papaya juice concentrate do?

  1. Prevents cancer – Due to the antioxidants in papaya, they neutralize the free radicals. Cancer being such a severe disease, can easily be prevented by natural remedies. The ingredients further create tumour-suppressing proteins. 
  2. Strengthens the nervous system – how does this happen? The use of the copper present in papaya can naturally strengthen the nervous system.
  3. Improvises vision – Through beta-carotene, which is highly prevalent in the papaya fruit prevents oxidative stress that is known to trigger cataracts.
  4. Strengthen bones – Papaya juice has nearly a dozen minerals, and many of them contribute to building the strength of bones. Further, it prevents diseases such as osteoporosis and decays the process by a significant number of years. 

Papaya can truthfully do the miracles to your body, and consuming this miraculous fruit can fix’ your internal system quite rapidly.

At Shimla Hills, we love providing you with real, authentic fruit puree that will help you every step of the way. The papaya puree concentrate is extracted from the best region Southern India. The papaya fruit follows a strict ‘system’ to ensure 100% reliability. We follow the process of washing, cutting, deseeding, ripening etc. and extract the concentrate a ‘vacuum procedure’.

Rich in flavour, aroma and thickness, our papaya fruit contains the essentials as mentioned without the additives, artificial colouring, preservatives etc.

Include this wonder in nearly all your recipes, and relish off the benefits with our family. It’s a great fruit to add in jams, drinks, ice creams, shakes, toppings, bread, muffins and much more.

It’s such a delicious fruit, that tasting the sweetness will only enhance the flavours to your palettes.

Make the choice of Shimla Hills for trusted pure papaya concentrate!