Advent Towards Gulfood Manufacturing with The Success of SIAL

Advent Towards Gulfood Manufacturing  with The Success of SIAL

Shimla Hills, one of the leading names in the agro-products industry, actively participated in world’s largest food innovation exhibition, SIAL in Paris. The mega event inspired the food businesses from 16th to 20th of October 2016.

The event hosted plenty of activities such as SIAL Innovation Observatory, Malongo Coffee Tasting, Fruit Juice, Mocktails and Smoothies Tasting, Cooking Show, Ingredients Innovation Tour, conferences, roundtables, culinary demos, competitions, etc.

The wide range of agro-products offerings of Shimla Hills arrested the attention of numerous folks and they marched towards the stand to interact with the team. They raised queries on the specifications of the products, packaging, shipment, price, etc. and nodded to trust Shimla Hills for their agro-products supply.



With the success of SIAL, Paris, Shimla Hills is now all geared up to visit one of the biggest food and beverage processing industry events, Gulfood Manufacturing 2016. The grand event is here with an amazing opportunity for the attendees to connect with suppliers from 60 countries showcasing the very latest manufacturing business improvement tools.

Also, at Gulfood Manufacturing, 1,500 global suppliers of latest ingredients, processing, packaging and logistics solutions will be present to solve production, capacity and automation challenges.

Again Shimla Hills will be captivating the attendees with its top-grade agro-products from 7th to 9th November 2016. Meet Team Shimla Hills at Gulfood Manufacturing 2016 at Stand No. S2-D6, Hall SSH2, Dubai World Trade Centre.

Hope to meet you at Gulfood Manufacturing 2016!

Shimla Hills: All Set For SIAL PARIS 2016

Shimla Hills: All Set For SIAL PARIS 2016

There comes a plenty of food exhibitions from time to time but SIAL 2016, the world’s largest food innovation exhibition, is one such platform that inspires food businesses around the globe. Commencing from 16th October 2016, SIAL will last till 20th of the same month and will have more than 6,500 French and international exhibitors from 105 countries display their foodstuffs.

The exhibition will also have around 7,000 companies from more than 100 countries presenting their products to retail and foodservice professionals. With 21 exhibition sectors, SIAL will once again be casting the spotlight on a host of innovative food products.

A visitor is sure to find information on food offerings such as beverages, charcuterie, cured and salted meats, tinned and preserved foods, gourmet foods, savoury grocery products, sweet grocery products, fruit and vegetables, semi-processed food products, meat, poultry, etc.

Innovation holds a paramount importance in the food sector and SIAL has a true impact on the food service professions. The innovative techniques at SIAL enable the attendees to identify and decipher the food service trends. Also, SIAL allows them to discover fresh produce and raw supplies: an ideal, good quality basis for their work.

Shimla Hills takes pride in announcing that it is participating in SIAL Paris and will be showcasing its wide range of products.

One of the leading and trusted name in the agro-products industry, Shimla Hills manufactures a wide variety of products that goes in the making of jams, ice-cream, jellies, dessert, puddings, bakery fillings, baby foods, flavours, etc.

The raw material of Shimla Hills are handpicked and are checked on various parameters before their processing. Be it pulp, puree, juice concentrate, spices, nuts or IQF products, Shimla Hills utilizes premium packaging options to keep the quality and flavor of its offering intact during shipment.

Those who are in the agro-products industry and those who wish to know more about the offerings, Shimla Hills will be there at stall number 5C G 158, Hall No. 5C (Beverage Section) to answer all their concerns. Also, to get free passes for the event, contact us at

Hope to meet you there at SIAL Paris 2016.

The Soft IN Hard OUT Nut: Coconut

The Soft IN Hard OUT Nut: Coconut

Coconuts have slowly become a very popular and versatile food commodity. They are used in food, beauty products, etc. Their journey in becoming a renowned food item was not that easy. They were accused of artery clogging, heart disease, etc. However, they made a comeback as a miracle food.

Coconuts are highly nutritious and loaded with essential nutrients that are required for healthy living. It helps in burning fat and keeps obesity at bay. Adding coconut oil while preparing cuisines helps in improving blood cholesterol level. It protects hair from damage and keeps the skin rejuvenated.

While some adore the coconut water, some love its kernel. Also, there is a majority of people who love both of them. There are also available lots of product made out of the coconut. Some of them are coconut flour, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut sugar, etc.

Shimla Hills, one of the leading agro-products exporter, has to offer premium quality IQF Coconut Cubes that goes into the making of a wide range of products. They are produced from whole ripe coconut. They are sent on the inspection belts to remove any foreign bodies or over/under-ripe shredder. It is then diced by a machine to 6mm and 10mm pieces and passed through dewatering and infeed shaker to IQF. The IQF dices are then sieved, inspected and weighed and packed. The packed cartons are fed through a metal detector and transferred to cold store at -18-degree Celsius.

The pieces have 18-degrees to 20-degrees brix with acid ranging from 0.2-0.3%. Special emphasis is laid on the packaging to make sure that the coconut cubes reach at your doorstep without compromising the quality. They are packed in blue color food grade LDPE bags, packed in 5-ply corrugated cartons of 10 kg.

Using IQF Coconut dices for various purposes is similar to adding Coconut pieces. There is no compromise in taste or quality while converting coconut dices into IQF.

Place your order now with Shimla Hills for premium quality IQF Coconut Cubes.

Time to Bid Adieu to The Regalness

Time to Bid Adieu to The Regalness

What started with happiness and joy is finally standing at the door to leave. The mango season which was full of amazing taste and health benefits is almost over.

Shimla Hills, a leading name in the agro-products industry, has mango as its flagship product. While some know it as a trusted name in the industry, other call it the “mango company” because of its premium quality mango processed products. Be it mango puree concentrate, mango pulp or IQF, Shimla Hills has been consistent in adhering to the top-notch quality for their production, packaging and shipment.

The mango season this year was no less than a wonder for Shimla Hills. Though this time too there remained demand supply fluctuations but efficient production system and supply chain mechanism of Shimla Hills enabled it to successfully cater to everyone’s need while keeping the prices under control.

Amid of the season, we ensured that we don’t deviate from our motto which is maintaining the quality and delivering on time without a miss. This mango season too, we were able to match the quality of our production with international food safety standards and as always our process didn’t impact the environment.

Our customers in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA, Korea and Japan relished the taste of our processed mango products in the form of fruit cheese, mango ice-cream, dessert, puddings, bakery fillings, baby foods, flavours, yoghurt, confectionery, etc.  All thanks to the premium quality Alphonso, Totapuri and Kesar mango varieties that bestowed us with their presence this season.

This mango season was really amazing but here is a news that would take your merriment on a next level. The mango season is still on at Shimla Hills. The stock of processed mango products is still present in its warehouse with premium quality packaging which won’t let them spoil.

If you are looking forward to getting your hands on Mango Processed products, then send your requirement at

A Glimpse of The Mango Processing Industry

A Glimpse of The Mango Processing Industry

Mangoes are a sheer delight because of its amazing taste and nutritive value. They are available in an abundant quantity during Summer but are hard to find after the warm months and that’s where processing comes to the rescue.

Puree, Pulp, Juice Concentrate, IQF are among the most renowned processed form of mangoes. Let’s catch a peek of the mango processing industry.

What is Mango Processing?

Mango Processing is a process wherein handpicked mangoes are inspected, washed, blanched, pulped, deseeded and turned into altogether a different form.

The Boons of Mango Processing

  • The processing preserves mangoes in different forms which can be utilized even after summer.
  • It is a source of additional income for mango growers.
  • Though most of the players include only fresh mangoes in processing but deformed and rejected mangoes too can be incorporated and turned into a different form. Thus, the mango processing allows the consumption of the rejects in their different form for a longer period of time.
  • IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) technique makes the mango dices and slices very easy to work with. It also preserves the nutrition value of the fruit.

Mango Processed Products – The life and soul of various edibles

Mango Pulp, Puree, Juice Concentrate, etc. are one of the major ingredients that go in the making of numerous delicacies. Some of these products are mango juice, nectars, mango based drinks, jams, fruit cheese, mango ice-cream, dessert, puddings, bakery fillings, baby foods, flavors, yogurt and confectionery.

Some Jaw-Dropping Insights

  • In 2005, the Philippines exported a total of P13.3 million metric tons of processed mango products.
  • India contributes nearly 46% of the total world production of mangoes that are further processed into various forms.
  • In India Mango Production increased from 8.7 million tons to a whopping 13.8 million tons during 1991-2007.
  • Mango puree constitutes more than 50% of the exported processed mango products.
  • The country has exported 1,54,820.69 MT of Mango Pulp to the world for the worth of Rs. 841.39 crores during the year 2014-15.

Shimla Hills – One of the Leading Mango Processed Products Exporters

Shimla Hills exports mango processed products such as fruit pulp, juice concentrate, IQF and fruit puree that are healthy and made out of premium quality fully ripened fruits. They are processed under the extreme hygienic condition and then packed aseptically to retain 100% freshness, color, aroma, and flavor.