Indian Mango Puree: The Summer Delight

April 28, 2017

Summer is here, and so is the king of fruits – Mango. Among the various way to consume a mango, its puree is one of the major ingredients that goes into the making of juices, nectars, jams, fruit cheese, etc.

Guava Pulp, Guava Puree

Shimla Hills: Earned its Spot in Global Guava Market Report 2017

March 8, 2017

Shimla Hills feels proud and is escalated with merriment as it announces that it has earned its spot in the Global Guava Market Report of 2017 as one of the key sellers in the Guava Market.

Health Benefits of a Mango

Did you Know These 10 Health Benefits of a Mango?

February 23, 2017

The king of fruits – mango – is admired by everyone due to its juicy taste. But apart from the lip-smacking flavor, mangoes offer a plenty of health benefits. Let’s highlight the top 10 health benefits of a mango.

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Processed Fruits Products Industry: An Overview

January 28, 2017

With ‘the fruit basket of the world’ as an epigraph for India and the recognition of food processing as a priority sector in the new manufacturing policy in 2011, a large number of food and fruit processing players have forayed in the industry.

Green Path

The Green Path: Nature and Health in Your Hands

December 12, 2016

The Green Path, a bicycle highway between Etawah lion Safari and Taj Mahal in Uttar Pradesh, India was declared open on 26th November 2016.

Preserves and Chutneys

Preserves and Chutneys: Our New Product Range From a New Land

November 30, 2016

Shimla Hills, a leading and reliable name in the agro-products industry is escalated with joy to announce the introduction of Preserves and Chutneys produced from Himachal Pradesh to its product portfolio.

Sial Paris

Advent Towards Gulfood Manufacturing with The Success of SIAL

October 27, 2016

Shimla Hills, one of the leading names in the agro-products industry, actively participated in world’s largest food innovation exhibition, SIAL in Paris. The mega event inspired the food businesses from 16th to 20th of October 2016.


Shimla Hills: All Set For SIAL PARIS 2016

September 16, 2016

There comes a plenty of food exhibitions from time to time but SIAL 2016, the world’s largest food innovation exhibition, is one such platform that inspires food businesses around the globe. Commencing from 16th October 2016, SIAL will last till 20th of the same month and

The Soft IN Hard OUT Nut: Coconut

The Soft IN Hard OUT Nut: Coconut

August 25, 2016

Coconuts have slowly become a very popular and versatile food commodity. They are used in food, beauty products, etc. Their journey in becoming a renowned food item

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