Is Alphonso mango the best?

The best thing about summer is mangoes. Despite the sweltering heat, people welcome summers heartily to enjoy the delicious mangoes. The appetizing summer fruit brings a smile on our face and a splash of nostalgia in our mind.

Mango is referred to as the ‘king of fruits’ as it is enjoyed by almost everyone. There are numerous types of mangoes that are readily available during summer, but the ‘King of Mangoes’ is unquestionably Alphonso.

Let’s get to know some interesting facts as to why they are acclaimed to be the best!

The best variety of Alphonso mangoes

Alphonso mangoes are grown extensively in the state of Maharashtra. There are several varieties of Alphonso, but the best selection is cultivated on the farms of Ratnagiri. They are hand-harvested and broadly exported across the world.

Great taste and wonderful health benefits

Alphonso mangoes are a spot-on combination of fantastic taste and perfect nutrition. It is found to be great for pregnant women as well, as they are rich in iron. They are packed with antioxidants and are also abundant with Vitamin A, E and Selenium. Its remarkable taste will make you enjoy the season of summer like never before.

A rich and unique flavour

Alphonso has a distinctive flavor that is a cross betwixt, peach, melon, apricot and nectarine with traces of citrus & honey. The unmatched flavor of the Alphonso mangoes makes them the true to the name bestowed – King of Mangoes. The sunshine-like yellow skin of Alphonso looks very mouthwatering. It has a buttery texture and saffron-tinted flesh that is very inviting. Alphonso mangoes have a beautiful, sweet & extraordinarily aromatic flavor.

What’s more? Even Chefs find Alphonso an excellent food element to experiment with. You can find Alphonso utilized in the cocktail & dessert menus of well-known bars and restaurants worldwide. Alphonso is widely utilized for preparing pudding, cakes, ice creams & more.

Alphonso featured in ‘1000 things to eat before you die’!

These mangoes are available only in India and are exported to other corners of the world. Alphonso mango has emerged in several lists such as “1000 things to eat before you die”. The Alphonso mangoes are very popular in the UK as well. These mangoes were distributed to London for the first time in 1953 from the renowned Crawford Market of Mumbai. Since then, the love affair connecting the British & the Alphonso mangoes has only risen.

So, although the blazing sun and the sweltering heat make life unbearable during the summer, you now know that Alphonso mangoes can always bring along its share of goodness and perks, with it possibly being the best of the mangoes out there!