IQF Mixed Berries

IQF has gained significant popularity over the last few years and has been used for various fruits and vegetables. For those unaware IQF is identified has a technique under which each piece of food is frozen separately. Some might wonder what the purpose is? Rather than freezing food pieces together, and selling them in blocks each fruit or vegetable is chilled individually and through a specific technology, is what makes IQF fruits and vegetables easier to work with.

Today the topic is based on IQF mixed berries. Berries are excellent and the perfect ‘fill’ for baked goods like pies, muffins, ice lollies and much more. The best part about berries is its nutritional value, fibre, antioxidants and even them being low in calories. Fortunately, despite the ‘charade’ that frozen food isn’t healthy for you – with berries freezing doesn’t eliminate the nutritional content. Berries can be relished all year round, and have the most profound health benefits.

A quick recap of the benefits of the IQF process:

  1. Cost-saving – Efficiency
  2. High Quality
  3. IQF foods freeze better
  4. Premium freshness

Now, why mixed berries should be included in your diet?

  1. Gut health improvement – mixed berries promote gut health, and is great for the fibre intake. The limited fibre in our diet, is a common problem that many faces across the globe. Adding mixed berries to your regime can change your gut.
  2. Heart health power-boosting heart health is due to the polyphenols, micronutrients and fibre, which in turns improvises the cardiovascular health. The combination of the berries works together to reduce inflammation in the body, which has positive results for the heart.
  3. Slows Aging process- the antioxidants in mixed berries reduce the oxidative stress in our system and also works on one of the most significant organs; our skin. The antioxidants allow the skin to combat free radicals that cause wrinkles and premature ageing. Mixed berries smoothen your skin, and are great for an anti-ageing boost.
  4. Works better for Insulin response – even though fruits are carbs, hence berries do contain carbohydrate. However, they can still be added to a diabetic diet, and eating berries like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries etc. have shown to improve blood sugar levels and also helps in the insulin response sensitivity. Another study conducted proved that women who had berries with their meals required less insulin to process in the body as compared to eating a meal alone.
  5. Complements many diets – those whoa are extremely health conscious and with dietary restrictions can easily add a cup of mixed berries in their diet and not ‘break’ it. Berries are compatible with various diets including vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free and even Keto to a certain extent.

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