Here’s Why You Should Have Cumin Seeds First Thing in the Morning?

Cumin is a spice made from the dried seeds of a plant called Cuminum cyminum. It is a member of the parsley family and one of the popular spices in Latin American, Middle Eastern, North African, and Indian cuisines. Available in both whole seeds and ground form, cumin is a popular spice loved by all.

Cumin Seeds are an annual plant harvested by hand. They are small, boat-shaped, and look like caraway seeds. The most popular variety of cumin is a brownish-yellow colour. It has a warm, earthy flavour with a tint of sweetness and bitterness.

They not only add a unique flavor to recipes but also innumerable health benefits aiding weight loss to preventing digestive issues, Cumin Seeds can help maintain overall health.

Take Cumin Seeds with a portion of water on an empty stomach right after getting up in the morning. This can help promote healthy digestion, prevent bloating, and aid in weight loss. Below are the health benefits and a super-easy way to prepare it.

1. Health Benefits

Cumin Seeds offer maximum health benefits when taken first thing in the morning. They are low in calories, aid digestion, increases metabolism, detoxify the body, have anti-inflammatory benefits, and boost immunity.

2. Preparation

For the remedy, you will need a few cumin seeds and water. First, soak the cumin seeds in a cup of water. Then, filter out the water and add hot water to the seeds. After soaking, the cumin seeds will start to swell up and release a bioactive compound into the water. Drinking this mixture first thing in the morning will provide numerous health benefits.

3. How to Select

Whole cumin seeds are readily available in the spice section of almost every grocery store. In addition, it is relatively low in price in international markets like Latin America, India, or Middle East cuisine. The best Cumin Seeds manufacturers offer pure and high-quality cumin seeds with immense nutritional value.  Shimla Hills is a reputed supplier of premium oil seeds, including Cumin Seeds. The brand is trusted for its machine-cleaned, packed, that are delivered across the globe.