Guava, The Season Of Super Food Is Back For Good

Fruits are wholesome, succulent and appealing. The word fruit in itself is derived from the Latin word ‘fruor’ which means ‘to enjoy’. Isn’t relishing a slice of fruit a treat that starts with the very first bite?


Fruits are simple, sweet smelling, colourful and delicious, but it is the unique taste and exoticness that sets each fruit apart. Guava is one such fruit, appetizing in its fragrance, tantalizing in its taste and tempting to the senses.


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Guava was born in Latin America and soon it was being cultivated around the world. It quickly adapted to the soothing climatic conditions of tropical India, becoming one of the most modest fruit which is also known as the poor man’s apple. Around the world, Guava is known by many other names like Pera (derived from pear), Amrood (as known in India), Bangkok Apple and Guayaba (in Spanish).


Guava Is Actually…A Berry Fruit!

That’s right. Guava is often classified as a berry fruit that grows in clusters, with each guava growing fairly round and equal to each other. Encased within rough guava rind, is the delicious pulp that comes in WHITE, PINK and RED variety.


Fresh Guava

Eat It Fresh

Bite gingerly into a ripe guava to get more Vitamin C than any other citrus fruit. Or try the tanginess of a less ripe guava that goes well with a pinch of salt and pepper.

Spiced Guava
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Processed Commercially

As pureed concentrate and pulp, guava is converted into juices, nectars, drinks, fruit bars, beverages and jams. Guava has high level of pectin which is why it is extensively used in the making of candies, cakes, jellies, preserves, marmalades and juices.



Nurturing Quality That Wins Heart

It is said:

 “One cannot develop taste from what is of average quality but only from the very best.”


At Shimla Hills we strive to bring quality that is enduring. This has poised us to be a cut above the rest and that reflects in all our products, including guava pulp, puree concentrate and IQF dices we offer. When our clients request a consignment of guava pulp or puree concentrate or guava IQF dices to be sent, we take it as a commitment.


A commitment that starts with:

  • Selecting guavas that are perfectly ripe and finest pick of all.
  • Getting fresh guavas converted into pulp, puree concentrate or IQF dices as per the request.
  • Seeing it through to packing, passing all quality systems and checks one after another.
  • And finally when it gets dispatched…

…You Have  Quality That’s Unbeatable