Fresh Tomatoes equals Pure Puree

Today, ingredient list of a majority of dishes consists of one food item – Tomatoes or Tomato Puree. It is so because it amplifies the taste of the recipe and adds a vibrant color. Shimla Hills strives to produce and supply premium quality tomato puree, which is manufactured from farm-fresh, handpicked tomatoes of India’s largest tomato growing state, Andhra Pradesh. These tomatoes are processed through certain steps such as inspection, washing, crushing, and blanched to deactivate the enzymes. They are then meticulously filtered and carefully turned into pulp.

The pulp is mechanically heated to the desired consistency to obtain premium quality tomato puree. The resultant tomato puree is rich in texture, low in acidity and salt, and it does not contain added sugar. By following an innovative method, Shimla Hills is able to maintain the flavor as well its natural color. Shimla Hills, a tomato puree manufacturer, and supplier, also shoulders the responsibility of the best packaging to maintain the freshness.

After packaging, the tomato puree is hygienically stored in a warehouse at ambient temperature and transported using proper transportation management to be used in soups, stews, pizza, chutneys, sauce, pickles, and curries.

Consumption of tomato and its puree offers oodles of health benefits to the body. Loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamin C, tomatoes help in fighting free radicals that are known to cause prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. Tomatoes and its puree also help people with Diabetes, heart and kidney problems.

Being loaded with many benefits, tomatoes are very much versatile when it comes to consumption. It could be consumed directly in the salad, in the form of sauce or even as tomato puree.