Did you Know These 10 Health Benefits of a Mango?

The king of fruits – mango – is admired by everyone due to its juicy taste. But apart from the lip-smacking flavor, mangoes offer a plenty of health benefits. Let’s highlight the top 10 health benefits of a mango.

  1. Boosts Eye Health: The Vitamin A in mangoes promotes good eyesight, prevents dry eyes and night blindness.
  2. Keeps Heart Healthy: Fresh mangoes are packed with potassium. The nutrient controls the heart rate as well as blood pressure.
  3. Immune System Boosters: There are vitamin C, vitamin A and 25 different kinds of carotenoids present in a mango. They all keep the immune system strong and healthy.
  4. Glowing Face: When the pulp of the mango is gently massaged on the face, it helps to bring back the glow.
  5. Improvement in the Digestion: The fiber present in mangoes helps in improving the digestion.
  6. Reducing Cancer Risk: Quercetin, Gallic, Fisetin, etc. are some of the compounds present in the mangoes. All of them help in the reduction of cancer risk.
  7. Weight Loss: The calories content in mangoes is quite less. Also, the high fiber content burns additional calories by boosting the digestive function, thus, helping in weight loss.
  8. Prevents Heat Stroke: When the mango juice is consumed during summer, it prevents heat stroke and keeps the body cool.
  9. Kidney Stones Prevention: In Chinese medicine, mangoes are capable of reducing the risk of kidney stone formation.
  10. Promotes Brain Health: Mangoes also have an abundant quantity of vitamin B6. The same nutrient is essential for improving brain’s health and function.

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