IQF has gained immense popularity in recent times due to its profound benefits. What is IQF? IQF is the technology that freezes each food piece individually rather than in a block. Due to this technology, IQF fruits and vegetables are much easier to work around.

Our brand Shimla hills is a brand that specializes in entailing the IQF method in their processes. We have an exclusive range of frozen vegetables and fruits that have enticed consumers all across the globe. We have a standard protocol of the best quality, IQF vegetables and fruits. We include all fruits and vegetables that are free from being genetically modified to ensure our consumers receive nourishing and nutritious foods. 

The reason we believe in IQF fruits and vegetables are the following:

  1. Ease of abstaining from washing the fruits and vegetables – no peeling or chopping required long-lasting shelf life 
  2. Extremely affordable 
  3. No difference between fresh and frozen vegetables anymore – you can obtain the same nutritious benefits from fresh fruits as you do form IQF frozen fruits and vegetables.

One of our favourite and most delightfully divine fruits MANGOES. The fruit that is known to be the ‘king of fruits’ and the most favourite of them all. The beauty lies in the fact that any food or beverage that includes mangoes becomes ‘sinless’ and tasty!

The popularity of IQF mangoes is even more in demand now. Shimla hills ensure to intact their natural attributes of mangoes that include: their natural appearance, texture and taste. Due to the heightened demand of mangoes, this is the perfect process to achieve and enjoy mangos through IQF processing.

With the outstanding technology that we own for IQF processing techniques, our consumers prefer keeping a single supplier. If not chosen correctly, the final freezing result can be compromised if the equipment that arises before the freezer in the IQF processing line isn’t adjusted. Shimla Hills offers the complete IQF processing method that provides the advantage to YOU for having the most efficient equipment. All our IQF fruits and vegetables are properly washed, blanched, diced and then individually frozen.

YOUR NEW TRUSTED IQF PARTNER is just an order away!