Quality – Following the commandment with Quality Check Hub

Quality - Following the commandment with Quality Check Hub

Quality has been an utmost priority for Shimla Hills. Right from sowing the seed to the shipment of final produce, excellent quality is maintained at every stage. Quality is not a policy for Shimla Hills but a commandment that is followed with the Quality Check Hub.

To honor this most important aspect in agro-product industry, we have a Quality Lab at the heart of the tropical fruit zone of India in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India. The same lab has a state-of-the-art infrastructure for conducting physical, chemical and microbiological tests.

Q.S. certified laboratory tests are conducted under third party labs of EUROFINS, SGS, TUV for evaluating agro-chemical residue test reports for every lot to ensure that it meets the latest minimum residual limitation system for fresh products.

Some of the quality procedure at the Quality Check Hub of Shimla Hills are UV spectrophotometer to analyze the color of the products, Digital Refractometer to find the precise BRIX value, Laboratory Scale Homogenizer to simulate the juice preparation, Organoleptic Lab to examine the finished products, etc.

With numerous quality procedures involved, Shimla Hills understands the importance of having a quality management infrastructure. It ensures a credible and foolproof way to achieve premium quality at every stage of the production.

A brilliant Quality Check Hub with new and advanced quality procedures help us live up to our motto of “Quality, Delivered”, not just once, but every time we have a mandate for quality adherence.

A workplace off the grid

A workplace off the grid

We owe our existence to our establishment in Shoghi, a virgin hill town on the Kalka-Shimla belt. With our roots ingrained here, we have ventured into the global food market. It is the core from where our creative juices flow. All our marketing endeavours sprout from here. It is also the focal point of our domestic as well as international sales. Additionally, monitoring of production, fostering customer relationships, analyzing avenues for new business or anything that involves our imaginative side- all happens here.

An expressive synergy of teak wood and glass, built on an idyllic mountain slope in the picturesque valley of Shoghi, the building has a character of its own. Though conceptualized in the 90s, the architecture is based on the premise of sustainability and energy savings, apart from being driven by appealing aesthetics and functional considerations. The smooth, vast expanses of transparent glass walls that traverse the structure allow natural sunlight and nature’s view to enter straight into our work space. These also provide for cool breeze to pass through and cool the structure during the night. At dusk, these glass walls seem to be talking to the horizon across. I cherish the days I have to work overtime and join their conversation!

All the five floors are glazed with precision so as to let the breathtaking view of the valley soaks in it completely. The retaining stone walls on the outside provide a structural support and an amazing aesthetic appeal. A standalone stone wall on the interior, coupled by a dome-shaped fibre glass structure is a piece of architectural excellence. The green colour metal roof adds to the flavour.

Research has proved that there is positive correlation between great physical spaces and creativity. So instead of demarcated cubicles, we have open spaces constituting the seating areas, which promote collective thinking. There are long stretched staircases, strategically placed all across the office and the exterior area, be it at the entrance, towards the dining area or in the garden area. These not only keep us fit in shape but also encourage accidental interactions.

A wide spread orchard surrounds the exterior of the building. All varieties of stone fruit trees including apples, peaches, apricots, plum, nectarine, almonds, walnuts and some citrus ones like lime and grapes, dwell in this orchard. The concrete benches and tables in the orchard house most of our informal meetings. It’s a tiny little piece of paradise for our content writers.

Years of thought, labour and persistence has gone into creating this structure where we work today. It reflects the overarching philosophy of our management team to simply deliver the best- not only to the external but also to the internal stakeholders.

The pine, deodar and oak trees and the vast expanse of the mighty mountains have never failed to inspire me. And I feel lucky to be working here!