The incredible benefits of GREEN PEAS

Green Peas

Green peas are always under-rated! Let’s admit it; none of us really understood the benefits of green peas or even thought of it any more than just an ‘ordinary’ vegetable. Green peas have been part of our staple diet, mostly Indians, however still under-valued! Green peas are one of the most ‘nutrient-dense’ foods with all the essential vitamins and antioxidants. Rich in vitamin K, C, folate, manganese and fibre – green peas is one of the most fibrous and delicious legumes to include and can be part of an array of cuisines.


  1.  The digestion powers of peas are merely miraculous. Due to the high fibre content present in pea pods, it helps in good digestive health. 

Iron Power 

 When you have a deficiency of iron, it leads to illnesses such as anaemia These magic green pods, has iron content that allows your body to make healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells. In turn, when your body has enough iron, you can combat fatigues as well.

Immunity booster 

 Rich source of vitamin C, and hence peas are fantastic to build your immunity! According to research, a single serving od peas which cover half of your daily vitamin C needs. A bonus fact is that peas also contain phytoalexins, that is an antioxidant and prevents stomach ulcers.

Eye power

 peas can also do wonders to your eye, as they are filled with carotenoid pigment lutein. This substance can help eliminate the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. This is a great source of ‘food’ to include in your diet as it can help prevent loss of vision in old age. 

Good for heart

 The insoluble fibre content present helps in reducing the chances of getting heart diseases and further a stroke. Also, peas add that it helps in ensuring stable blood sugar regulation in the body.

Weight Loss

 For those who want to shed those quick pounds, peas are low in fat and also in calories. Due to the fibre content, one can even lose a significant amount of weight as it reduces the chances of binge eating highly refined food.

7. Good for skin

 Peas, as explained before, is an excellent source of vitamin C, which in turn helps in the production of collagen. Collagen helps keep the skin glowing. When your body receives enough vitamin C, it also protects the skin from the damage.

At Shimla Hills, we manufacture frozen green peas that are packaged according to our customers’ requirements. We offer IQF frozen green peas that are of the highest quality, nutrition and favour. A common myth that we have heard continuously is that frozen items don’t retain their food – hence the same with green peas. At Shimla hills, being one of the leading exporters of agro-products, we ensure premium quality frozen peas, that even have a shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacturing.

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Crunchiness To The Max – For All Peanut Lovers We Have Good News!

peanut-kernels us

The origination of peanuts are potentially from South America, from approximately 3500 years ago. Europeans were the ones that first discovered peanuts in Brazil, and spread these nuts throughout North America and Asia. At that point, and even till now peanuts are not widely acknowledged due to their health benefits.

Why are peanuts so widely popular health wise?

  1. Excellent source of Biotin – Part of the vitamin B complex, and also Vitamin H.  Biotin is widely nutritional for your physiological well-being. Biotin is known for its ‘enzymatic reactions’ in the body. Research suggests that biotin could be beneficial for multiple diseases such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes and some brain conditions. Biotin could also be beneficial for pregnant women as even mild biotin deficit can drastically rise the risk of congenital birth defects. Recommended that adults aim to get 30 micrograms of biotin per day.
  • Heart-Healthy Monounsaturated Fats –  Because peanuts have a high fat content, peanuts tend to gain a bad reputation. However, little do people know that the fats present 80% unsaturated fat to 20% saturated fat. The type of unsaturated fat present is a form of monounsaturated fats which in turn is related to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Antioxidants – Ironically peanuts even contain some f the antioxidants that are present in red wine which are class molecules that neutralize the free radicals, when the ‘unstable molecules’ are present it can cause damage to your cells. When our body is exposed to excessive free radical in turn heightens our rates of forming cancerous cells, and when one attains antioxidants it lowers the risk of cancerous cells.
  • Protects against gallstones- Gallstones are present in the gallbladder in the body, and there are various types of people are more susceptible to gallstones especially women, overweight, and people generally who have a diet that is an unhealthy one – that intake more calories and refined carbohydrates. Research claims , that those who have a diet including nuts especially peanuts have lowered the risk of having gallstones by a whole 25 % , and this includes just one serving.
  • Copper – one of the most underrated nutrients, but copper is considered to be a significant essential micronutrient. Copper minerals are often overlooked, but is necessary for a several physiological processes. When your body suffers from copper deficiency it may contribute to severe cardiovascular diseases, and consumption of copper may lower harmful levels of LDL cholesterol. Additionally, copper appears to play a role in neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. A quarter-cup serving of peanuts contains 0.42 micrograms of copper, which amounts to 47% of the DV for the mineral (WHFoods, 2014).

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iqf jalapeno

Jalapenos are known to add the element of SPICE, and taste to all cuisines! Commonly found in the Mexican Family, and has gained its popularity over time. Part of the hot pepper family, Jalapenos not only add taste and spice but also have phenomenal benefits that can change your life!

  1. Nutrion content – raw jalapenos have amazing nutrients including; low in calories, fibre , vitamin C , vitamin B6, Vitamin A , vitamin K , Folate , and much more .  The presence of vitamins helps your skin, keeps it firm, keeps your vitamins intact and is essential keeping the body healthy and functional. A unique component of Jalapenos is the inclusion of capsaicin, that gives these peppers the spice and also is useful for other help benefits.
  2. Boosts your metabolism – Jalapenos can aid in weight loss and increase the fat burn by reducing your appetite due to the spice content. Studies reveal that jalapenos can increase the metabolism by 4-5% per day, which in turn helps in weight loss.
  3. Fights cancer – Jalapenos contain strong anti-cancer properties and is responsible for ‘killing’ or demolishing over 40 types of cancer cells whilst maintaining the normal cells. The capsaicin helps fight cancer cells by:
  • Preventing the development of cancer cells
  • Reducing the creation of new blood vessels around cancer tumors
  • Inhibiting cancer from scattering to other parts of the body

However, more through studies need to be conducted to prove the above.

  •  Preventive measure for stomach ulcers –  As a myth spice is supposedly a cause of stomach ulcers, however these claims are false for Jalapenos, Infact these chilli peppers shield the stomach from developing ulcers in the first place.
  • Combats Infections –  Spices in general have been used for centuries to prevent spoilage of food and food poisoning. There are certain compounds that are found in spicy chilli peppers are are extremely powerful at slowing the growth of further bacteria and yeasts that occur in the body. Besides fighting infections, chilli extracts can also stop ‘cholera bacteria’ and from creating toxins that potentially reduces the impact of foodborne diseases. The capsaicin can facilitate in various forms of infections including strep throat, bacterial tooth decay, and chlamydia. Studies further suggest that these chilli peppers contain antimicrobial properties, that can be further used for medication.
  • Keeps your heart healthy – The most common diseases associated with the heart includes diabetes, high levels of cholesterol, and high blood pressure. The capsaicin aids in reducing the impact of these factors. Studies show that eating approximately 5 grams of these peppers especially before a high carb meal helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels as well.

Jalapenos can be added into your diet in a variety of ways from – raw-cooked-to smoked-to dried and even powdered. It can be enjoyed in your food dishes , and you will surely enjoy the spice and benefits! Jalapenos are so versatile in terms of their usage and are extremely nutritious! If you enjoy spice , you can surely add this healthy addition to your diet! Where to get your jalapenos from? Purchase from Shimla Hills and enjoy the spicy delicacy! We at Shimla Hills have the spiciest yet tastiest chilli pepper for your favourite dishes and cuisines!


red chilli powder

Did YOU know that chilli powder is the ‘dried, pulverized fruit’ of a form of chilli pepper. Chilli powder is included in a variety of different cuisines including Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Korean and Thai! 

Below are the seven health benefits of chilli powder: 

  1. Eye power – Chili powder can keep your eyes healthy. Just including one tablespoon of chilli powder contains vitamin A which improvises the eyesight and is also a preventive measure for night blindness and macular degeneration – which in turns helps us as we age.
  2. Encourages red blood cell formation – the copper and iron in chilli powder which in turn aids in new blood cell formation. When we go through a deficiency in iron, it can lead to various other health concerns such as anaemia, fatigue, and muscular weakness.
  3. Improve cognitive functioning – because of the vast amounts of iron present in chilli powder it can lead to the production of haemoglobin, and increase the blood flow in the body. When we get sufficient amounts of oxygen and iron delivered to our brain, it can lead to improved cognitive performance and help reduce other disorders like Alzheimer’s, dementia etc.
  4. Blood pressure in control – chilli powder has a tremendous amount of potassium to sodium proportion. These spicy red compounds are significant due to their potassium content. Just one tablespoon includes 144 milligrams of potassium and only 75.8 milligrams of sodium. Such proportionate amounts of potassium and sodium allow the blood vessels to relax and maintain your blood pressure!
  5. Supportive towards your digestive system – due to the high amounts of fibre present in chilli powder, it stimulates ‘peristaltic motion’. It heightens the emission of gastric juices which further eases the digestion process. 
  6. Fights infections – the vitamin c component in chilli powder is an antioxidant that facilitates the body in creating resistance against infections and additionally even demolishes ‘cancer-causing free radicals in the body’.
  7. Hair and skin benefits – due to the vitamin c it stimulates the production of collagen, which is a protein component found in the hair and skin. It addition to vitamin C it also contains vitamin A that keeps the hair moisturized due to the sebum. Moreover, chilli powder is an exceptional source of vitamin E is in skin care and hair care domain. Vitamin E encourages the rotation of blood to reach the scalp.

The DRY chilli powder produced by Shimla Hills is a highly popular source of spice by popular demand. Used from culinary to regular dishes, Shimla Hills has distributed the most refined forms of chilli powder across the globe.

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cumin in seeds india

Cumin is an essential spice made from the Cuminum cyminum plant. The spice is practically famous in many cuisines including in the Mediterranean and Southwest Asia. The tinge of cumin adds a pleasant, flavorful, distinctive taste. Even so, cumin has been implemented into traditional medicine due to its ‘healing powers’.

Studies claim some of the phenomena benefits of cumin which include better digestion, reducing foodborne infections. More advantages include weight loss, blood sugar control and cholesterol.

Why is cumin so good for YOU?

  1. Iron power – In just one teaspoon of cumin powder, you can attain 1.4mg of iron. Dealing with iron deficiency is one of the most ‘popularly’ unwanted conditions that many have to deal with. A natural way to increase your iron is just adding cumin seeds to your diet! Especially for children, as it encourages growth that young boys and girls significantly need during their ‘growing years’.
  2. Plant compounds – Did you know the cumin seeds are directly related to vast plant compounds that positively affect our health? For example, terpenes, phenols, flavonoids and alkaloid are the plant compounds that act as antioxidants that further reduce the damage from free radicals.
  3. May assist diabetic patients – some components of the cumin seeds have shown results in helping to treat or reduce the diabetes condition. 
  4. Improvises blood cholesterol – clinical studies claim that cumin has also improved blood cholesterol. Studies have shown that people who consumed cumin seeds twice a day has reduced the ‘unhealthy blood triglycerides’. However, there were a vast number of studies that continue to depict the positive outcome of consuming cumin seeds. One study even depictured whether consuming cumin seeds affected the “good” HDL cholesterol, and results claim that in three months people who did consume it had higher levels of HDL than those who didn’t consume it.
  5. Fat reduction – promotes weight loss for those struggling with obesity and weight issues. Those who consumed cumin seeds as compared to those who didn’t claims that women lost weight over the course of time. There are even supplements that contain cumin seeds to aid in weight loss now!
  6. Prevents foodborne illnesses – Using cumin seeds even as a season is great! Why? They have antimicrobial properties that may reduce the risk of foodborne illness. The power of cumin seeds is such that they contain components that reduce the bacteria and specific types of infectious fungi. Once the cumin seed is digested in the body, it contains, antibiotic properties that do wonders!

What do you need to do now?

The bottom line is that cumin has consistently proven to have significant health benefits and since decades. The attention has increased relatively more during recent times, and people are more educated of the natural way of a healthy lifestyle. Instead of a hundred different supplements, you can look directly in your kitchen and reap of the benefits of cumin! At Shimla Hills, we have two types of cumin seeds available – the black and white. The white can be implemented into curries and into a variety of other culinary specialities. The black cumin seeds are used in more authentic dishes such as biryani, or other rice dishes. Due to increased popularity, cumin seeds are even used in American and Spanish dishes to add flavour, taste and health! At Shimla Hills, we supply the best cumin seeds available in the region, and ensure that all our clients gain promising benefits from including these seeds in the lifestyle!

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