Cumin Seeds are Amazing for Memory & Brain Health

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You might have come across the Cumin Seeds in Indian cooking. This humble kitchen staple used for centuries together have more benefits than we think. They boast a broad spectrum of health-boosting benefits from naturally occurring substances that work as antioxidants. Besides being a great remedy for digestive issues, weight management, allergies, gut health, and many more, Cumin Seeds are also good for optimal brain health.

Here are the reasons:

1) Lowers Stress Levels

Cumin Seeds may help fight the effects of stress by working as an antioxidant. It has a long history of use in traditional Indian or Ayurvedic medicine. According to a study conducted on rats, cumin extract helps reduce the signs of stress. When the rats were fed with the cumin extract before a stressful activity, their bodies had a lower stress response than ever after taking it. The same study also found that cumin was a more effective antioxidant than vitamin C.

2) Better Sleep

Cumin Seeds are a good remedy for fighting insomnia. One tsp of crushed cumin seeds before bedtime can help you to have a good sleep. The presence of melatonin, a hormone in the seeds, also helps regulate the sleep cycle and correct sleep disorders.

3) Sharper Memory

Cumin Seeds can help your body by boosting your central nervous system. This can result in a sharper memory and greater control over the limbs. Similarly, cumin is also helpful for treating Parkinson’s disease because of its contribution to the body’s nervous system.

4) Improves Mental Skill

Packed with essential minerals and vitamins such as riboflavin, vitamin B6, zeaxanthin, and niacin, consuming Cumin Seed is beneficial for the brain to function correctly. In addition, it helps promote acute mental skills by nourishing the brain cells.

This is why Cumin Seeds are not just regarded as a flavoursome food but also have powers to heal the body internally. So, you can contact the best Cumin seeds Exporters if you wish to get this humble kitchen staple. Shimla Hills is a reputed exporter and supplier of high-grade cumin seeds from India. Their products are machine-cleaned, packed and delivered to countries across the globe.

These Fenugreek Seeds Benefits Go Way Beyond Nutrition

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When it comes to adding flavour to Indian dishes, you can’t go wrong with Fenugreek Seeds. Between their sweet-nutty taste, these dried, aromatic seeds have plenty going for it. When combined with spices, it transforms and gives a depth of flavour to saucy dishes. But that’s not all — fenugreek seeds happen to be incredibly healthy. Thanks to its rich infusion of essential nutrients, the health benefits of fenugreek seeds are pretty solid. Read on to discover more about this superfood.

1) Alleviates Cold

Fenugreek Seeds infused water is a good remedy for a cold, sore throat, and laryngitis. The seeds contain a compound known as mucilage, which can have a soothing effect on the throat. First used medicinally by the Egyptians, the seeds ease congestion when brewed into tea.

2) Aids Digestion

Consumption of fenugreek seeds enhances bowel movement and thus serves as a remedy against digestive problems. In addition, as fenugreek seeds are rich in fibre and antioxidants, it helps in flushing out harmful toxins from the body. Drinking fenugreek-infused water can also help manage digestive problems.

3) Blood Sugar Control

Fenugreek seeds are highly effective in regulating blood sugar levels, as they contain a natural soluble fibre called galactomannan, which can help slow down the blood sugar absorption rate. The seeds also contain an essential amino acid, 4-hydroxy isoleucine, which enhances the body’s insulin production.

4) Stimulates Breast Milk

Fenugreek seeds have also been used for centuries to stimulate the production of breast milk. These seeds can boost the production of breast milk due to their effect on the stimulation of sweat production. Many studies have drawn that fenugreek seeds are highly recommended for women to stimulate breast milk.

5) Relieves Menstrual Cramps

Chewing on soaked fenugreek seeds alleviates PMS-related symptoms like mood swings and cramps. The presence of compounds such as diosgenin and isoflavones provides relief from menstrual discomforts.

This wonder herb with potential health benefits comes with diverse uses. You may look for fenugreek seeds manufacturers, which offer the finest quality. Shimla Hills is a trusted Fenugreek Seed supplier and exporter in India, delivering products that are machine-cleaned, packed, and delivered to countries globally. 

How Fenugreek Seeds Can Keep You Out of Health Problems

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Googling “benefits of fenugreek seeds” will get you a straightforward response: “fenugreek seeds are good for your health!” But it’s much more intriguing to delve into the specifics of why it’s advantageous. So, give yourself a few minutes to learn about fenugreek seeds, and you’ll be surprised to discover some pretty enjoyable facts about them.

Fenugreek seeds may be a highly trending superfood today, but they have been a source of sustenance since ancient times. The seeds are a popular ingredient to liven up any cuisine. And if you’ve ever wondered where Fenugreek seeds come from? The answer is the herb belongs to Fabaceae, a pea family. Its dried flavourful seeds are used as a spice.

And what does that mean for your health and wellbeing? Let’s take a look at the reasons below.

1) Improves Blood Sugar

Fenugreek seeds are suitable for people who have diabetes. This is because they contain a natural soluble fibre called galactomannan, which helps lower blood sugar absorption. The seeds also contain essential amino acids and 4-hydroxy isoleucine, which boosts the body’s insulin production.

2) Burns Fat

Fenugreek seeds have natural soluble fibre, making the stomach feel full and suppressing the appetite. This helps in fat burning and aids in weight loss. For best results, soak a tsp of the seeds in water. Store them overnight and chew them on an empty stomach in the morning.

3) Alleviates Menstrual Cramps

Consumption of soaked fenugreek seeds can also relieve PMS-related problems such as mood swings and cramps. The seeds also contain compounds, such as diosgenin and isoflavones, which enhances estrogen levels and reduce painful periods.

4) Controls High Cholesterol

Another benefit of having the soaked fenugreek seeds is lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and high triglycerides levels. This, in turn, can cut down the risk of cardiovascular problems. The presence of galactomannan can also help prevent atherosclerosis and other heart-related issues.

If you are seeking the best quality fenugreek seeds, you can contact trusted fenugreek seeds exporters. Shimla Hills is a credible manufacturer as they export premium quality oil seeds, including fenugreek seeds. Their products are machine-cleaned, packed, and delivered to countries across the globe. 

Here’s Why You Should Have Cumin Seeds First Thing in the Morning?

cumin in seeds india

Cumin is a spice made from the dried seeds of a plant called Cuminum cyminum. It is a member of the parsley family and one of the popular spices in Latin American, Middle Eastern, North African, and Indian cuisines. Available in both whole seeds and ground form, cumin is a popular spice loved by all.

Cumin Seeds are an annual plant harvested by hand. They are small, boat-shaped, and look like caraway seeds. The most popular variety of cumin is a brownish-yellow colour. It has a warm, earthy flavour with a tint of sweetness and bitterness.

They not only add a unique flavor to recipes but also innumerable health benefits aiding weight loss to preventing digestive issues, Cumin Seeds can help maintain overall health.

Take Cumin Seeds with a portion of water on an empty stomach right after getting up in the morning. This can help promote healthy digestion, prevent bloating, and aid in weight loss. Below are the health benefits and a super-easy way to prepare it.

1. Health Benefits

Cumin Seeds offer maximum health benefits when taken first thing in the morning. They are low in calories, aid digestion, increases metabolism, detoxify the body, have anti-inflammatory benefits, and boost immunity.

2. Preparation

For the remedy, you will need a few cumin seeds and water. First, soak the cumin seeds in a cup of water. Then, filter out the water and add hot water to the seeds. After soaking, the cumin seeds will start to swell up and release a bioactive compound into the water. Drinking this mixture first thing in the morning will provide numerous health benefits.

3. How to Select

Whole cumin seeds are readily available in the spice section of almost every grocery store. In addition, it is relatively low in price in international markets like Latin America, India, or Middle East cuisine. The best Cumin Seeds manufacturers offer pure and high-quality cumin seeds with immense nutritional value.  Shimla Hills is a reputed supplier of premium oil seeds, including Cumin Seeds. The brand is trusted for its machine-cleaned, packed, that are delivered across the globe.

Is Dry Red Chilli Truly Fat Burning?

Red Chillies Supplier

When people say diet, our minds instantly think of skipping meals. But in reality, it’s about eating in moderation to give our body the adequate dose of calories and nutrients. While there’s no food you can consume to magically bring your midriff back in line, you can bring fat-burning foods like Dry Red Chilli to the equation. The red chillies are a great starting place for many simple and healthy recipes. You can incorporate it into curries, soups, salads, and side dishes.

Dry Red Chilli not only helps you to shed pounds but they are rich in nutrients that will keep you completing your weight loss journey.

Ahead, find out how Dry Red Chilli can help you burn those extra calories or lose extra pounds.

1. High Thermic Effect

Following a calorie-deficit diet is essential when it comes to losing weight. While there is no such food to help you lose weight, certain foods like Dry Red Chillies have a high thermic effect and are good at boosting metabolism. As a result, they take longer to digest, and our body burns more calories in the process. Therefore, including them in your diet can further help promote fat loss.

2. Increases Satiety

Satiety is the feeling of being full. A nutrient-dense food option like Dry Red Chillies will make you feel full for longer than others. This is because they are loaded with fibre, healthy fats, and protein, offering more satiety. Consuming the red chillies can prevent overeating and can even help you lose weight. Additionally, the presence of capsaicin can act as an appetite suppressant.

3. Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties

Inflammation is the body’s healthy response to fight off diseases. Dry Red Chilli contains anti-inflammatory properties, thus decreasing the risk of health problems and weight gain.

4. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Dry Red Chillies are a rich source of specific vitamins and minerals. But, since they are consumed in small portions, their contribution to your daily intake is little. However, they are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K1, potassium, copper, and Vitamin A. All these nutrients play a role in keeping the body healthy and boosting immune function.

When taken in moderation, dry red chilli is a popular choice for many people. So, before purchasing, you need to select the right brand. One of the best Dry Red Chilli Exporters is Shimla Hills. The Dry Red Chilli offered by Shimla Hills is known for its premium quality standards. It is one of the leading red chilli suppliers in the Agro-products industry exporting worldwide.