The Mesmerizing Fragrance of SNIFF

The Mesmerizing Fragrance of SNIFF

Be it home, fabric or food item, the scent is something, which is sensed first by mind even before the sight of these things. The odor plays an integral part in judging the quality of food, air and other routine utilities. A good aroma attracts while a bad one dismisses people from it.

No one understands the above-mentioned role of aroma better than SNIFF. It considers making mesmerizing aroma as an art and follows this belief religiously. Its expertise lies in making fragrance for International market across three categories, i.e.

• Personal: The trusted fragrance manufacturer of India, SNIFF inspire your smell senses. It produces personal aromas to capture the market demand for fragrances required for personal wash, bath soap, oils, shower gels, shampoo, skin creams, after shave, cologne and other beauty products.

• Fabric: SNIFF is a leading manufacturer of memorable and unique fragrances that goes in a diverse range of products. These products are toiletries, detergents, laundry stain removers and other fabric care solutions. With the help of an in-house laboratory, expert team and latest technology SNIFF ensures that the quality, efficiency and fragrances meet the set standards.

• Home: SNIFF understands the requirements of the market as the leading manufacturer and supplier of home care products fragrances. These fragrances of SNIFF goes into a wide array of products. They are surface cleaners, furniture polish, air fresheners, oven cleaners, upholstery cleaners and protectors.

Along with the above-mentioned fragrances, SNIFF also customizes fragrances, based on the preference of clients in order to give them memorable and lasting signature for their brands. Its experts are driven by creativity and are passionate about how fragrance ingredients work. Hence, SNIFF is able to provide not just scents but the emotions and memories associated with every one of them.