Taste the Tropics with Fruit Pulp and Puree


Fruits are widely used for making pulp and puree. It has a distinct flavor and aroma that make it an excellent choice for making jams, jellies, chutneys, sauces, and other products. The fruit pulp and puree is also used in many desserts such as ice creams, cakes, mousses, and puddings. Its sweet taste makes it an ideal ingredient for smoothies and shakes as well. The pulp and puree of fruits are also used in the preparation of various savoury dishes like curries, soups, stews etc.

1) Good for Health

Fruit pulp and puree are a good source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Vitamin A and C and antioxidants in pulp and puree of fruits prevent premature ageing and protect skin from sun damage. They contain tartaric, malic and citric acid, all of which maintains the alkali reserve of the body. Antioxidants in fruit pulp and puree also protect the body against free radical damage and reduce the risk of cancer. The vitamin C and fibre content of the fruit pulp and puree helps control high cholesterol. In addition, the enzymes present in the fruit help break down protein while the fibre boosts digestion.

2) Culinary uses

Fruit pulp and puree is popularly used for culinary purpose in India. It is known for its sweet and tart flavor. The pulp and puree of the fruit can be used to make many delicious dishes such as smoothies, juices, jams and desserts. In fact, it has become an important ingredient in some traditional Indian dishes. They can also be used to make ice creams, custards, cakes and other desserts. It adds a unique flavor to dishes. This makes it a great addition to any food preparation that requires a sweet and tangy flavor.

3. Packed with Nutrients

Fruit pulp and puree is a highly sought-after food source. It is a nutritional powerhouse that contains plenty of vitamins A and C, as well as antioxidants and minerals.

Fruit pulp and puree are in demand in India and internationally due to their numerous health benefits, such as aiding digestion, improving skin health, boosting the immunity system, and reducing cancer risk. So, if you want to enjoy all these benefits, look no further than the pulp and puree of fruits, especially the products by trusted fruit Pulp puree suppliers, Shimla Hills!

Frozen Pulp and Concentrates: A Healthy Addition to Any Diet Plan

Fruit Pulp and Puree

Frozen Pulp and Concentrates has long been considered a delicious and nutritious food source, but did you know that the concentrate extracted from fruits can also be a powerful addition to any healthy diet plan? In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can use frozen pulp and concentrates to reach your health goals. We’ll talk about the unique nutritional values and how you can use them in meals and snacks. Plus, we’ll provide some delicious recipes that use the frozen pulp and concentrates for even more variety in your meal plan!

Frozen Pulp and concentrates are a healthy addition to any diet plan. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In addition, they are a great source of Vitamin C, essential for boosting the immune system and maintaining healthy skin. They also contain Vitamin A, which is necessary for good vision and healthy skin. In addition, frozen pulp and concentrates are a good source of dietary fibre and potassium.

1) Health Benefits

There are numerous health benefits associated with frozen pulp and concentrates. They have been shown to improve vision, boost immunity, lower cholesterol, fight cancer cells, and prevent premature ageing. Frozen pulp and concentrates are also a good source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

2) Versatile Ingredient

Frozen pulp and concentrates can also be used in a variety of ways. They make a great addition to smoothies, yoghurt, oatmeal, or baked goods. You can also use them to make savoury dishes like chicken or fish more flavorful.

3) Nutritional Powerhouse

Frozen pulp and concentrates are a healthy addition to any diet plan. They are high in Vitamins A and C, as well as fibre. Additionally, frozen pulp and concentrates contain enzymes that help with digestion.

Frozen pulp and concentrates can contain high levels of sugar and calories, so it’s important to consume it in moderation. For general health, taking 1-2 tablespoons of frozen pulp and concentrate per day is recommended. However, if you want to boost your immune system, you can take up to 4 tablespoons per day. And if you’re dealing with constipation, 2-3 tablespoons per day should do the trick. Be sure to drink plenty of water when taking frozen pulp and concentrate for constipation relief.

In conclusion, frozen pulp and concentrates are an excellent choice for improving their overall health and wellness. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to add a boost of flavour and nutrition to your diet, try incorporating some frozen pulp and concentrate into your meal plan! To reap maximum benefits, you can contact trusted manufacturers and suppliers like Shimla Hills. Their range of fruit pulp and concentrates are of the finest quality.

The Benefits of Lemon Juice Concentrate are Anything but Sour

When it comes to health, the yellow fruit like lemon doesn’t disappoint — and the same is true for the benefits of Lemon Concentrate. Whether it’s zested to your meals or favourite beverages, the lemon concentrate enhances any dish and adds healthy nutrients. Beyond their sour taste, lemon concentrates contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and many more.

So, do you want to know what health benefits it offers? Ahead, why Lemon Concentrate is good for you.

1) Improves Iron Absorption

The vitamin C in Lemon Concentrate is one of the best iron-enriched foods. This is because vitamin C improves iron absorption and in turn boost hemoglobin. So, this is one incredible Lemon Concentrate benefit, especially if you are a vegetarian or follow a vegan diet, as taking it can promote better absorption of non-heme iron. In this way, you can prevent iron deficiency or Anaemia.

2) Supports Immune Function

When it comes to citrus fruits, oranges are well-liked as they pack an amazing vitamin C content. Similarly, Lemon Concentrate also packs a good amount of vitamin C. It is said to contain a healthy milligram of nutrient per serving. This is essential for our body as vitamin C is considered to be beneficial for healthy immune function. Vitamin C can help create white blood cells, which produce antibodies. It can, in turn, help boost your immune system and fight off foreign pathogens.

3) Promotes Digestive Health

The soluble fibre present in Lemon Concentrate feeds the good bacteria in your gut. With a proper nourished diet enriched with soluble fibre, these microbes can help lower stomach inflammation and improve digestion. The soluble fibre is also easily dissolvable in water, which can bulk up stool and promote regular bowel movements.

4) Keeps Heart Healthy

The benefits of including Lemon Concentrate in your diet don’t stop here. The concentrate also helps maintain your healthy cholesterol levels into your bloodstream. This is especially beneficial as high blood cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease. What’s more? The Lemon Concentrate also contains citric acid, which helps promote magnesium and calcium absorption. Both of these minerals are essential for managing blood pressure.

There are numerous ways to take advantage of the health benefits of Lemon Concentrate. You can also make the best use of the Lemon Concentrate’s benefits by buying a concentrated product from reputed manufacturers. Shimla Hills is a trusted supplier of Agro-commodities, including Lemon Concentrate. The brand has built the highest standard for producing fruit juice concentrates, fruit puree concentrates, and many more over the years.

A Complete Overview of Kesar Mango Pulp


Kesar mango pulp are delicious! You can eat them on their own and they taste great. You can use them with desserts, drinks, and salads. These soft-fleshed fruit contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can boost your memory, lower inflammation, and provide other benefits. Also known as the ‘Queen of the fruits,’ mango pulp is famous worldwide. There are many aspects of the kesar mango pulp that one may not of. So, we bring to you some interesting facts about the fruit that you’d surprised to know about.

1) How the Name Originated

Kesar mango pulp is one of the most loved fruits in the world, but there is so much about the fruit that we all know about. But do you know how the kesar mango pulp got its name? The fruit was initially known as Gir Mangoes. Later in 1934, the Nawab of Junagadh Muhammad Mahabat Khan III gave it the name Kesar. And this is how its name Kesar originated.

2) Versatility

Take your love of kesar mango pulp to new heights with sweet, savoury, and surprising recipes. It’s enjoyable to eat them fresh, but the number of recipes you can make with it is immense. You can add them to veggies, fried rice, salad, fudge, puddings and many more. All the sweet recipes will leave you spoilt for choice.

3) Health Benefits

Kesar mango pulp aren’t just perfect for food toppings or making smoothies, they’re great for maintaining great health, too! Have this sweet, antioxidant rich food and reap the health benefits. Its rich content of vitamin A helps you improve your eyesight and bone development, vitamin C to boost your immunity, and potassium to control blood pressure. In addition, it helps prevent cancer cells, improve digestive system, and helps treat kidney related disorders.

4) Recommended by Dieticians

Kesar mango pulp is approved by dieticians and doctors alike. They believe the nutrients present in the fruit pulp makes it perfectly fine for diabetes and weight watchers. As they are rich in beta carotene, vitamin C, fibre, and vitamin B6, kesar mango pulp is great for managing health as long as you take it in moderation. According to dieticians, it is good to listen to our stomach and eat as much as it requires.

You can now contact trusted kesar mango pulp suppliers like Shimla Hills to get the best quality products. Their mango pulp and puree types are enriched with a distinct flavour of the fruit.

Why Kesar Mango Pulp is an All-Time Summer Favourite?


Kesar Mango is a popular Indian variety of mangoes and is known as the Queen of fruits. It originated from the coasts of Gujarat and Junagadh. Kesar Mango was earlier known as Gir Mango before Nawab of Junagadh Muhammad Mahabat Khan III gave it the name ‘Kesar’ in 1934. And this is how Kesar Mango derived its name.

Much like the fruit, Kesar Mango Pulp is also highly relished in India and other parts of the world. This is because they have a unique nutrient content that makes them highly popular.

Below, we have listed some reasons why they are favored by many people.

1) Real Kesar Mango Flavour

Kesar Mango Pulp offers the most original and authentic taste of Kesar mangoes. The fruit’s uniformly ripened golden yellow has a hint of red, with characteristic aroma, sweetness and juiciness.

2) Rich in Nutrients

Kesar Mango is a popular fruit with rich nutritional benefits. One cup of Kesar Mango Pulp provides calcium, phosphorous, iron, potash, magnesium, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins A and C. All these nutrients keep various health disorders at bay. Other health benefits of Kesar Mango Pulp are that it helps prevent cancer, lowers the cholesterol in the body, clears the skin, improves eye health, and improves digestion.

3) Low in Calories

Another benefit of Kesar Mango Pulp is that it is low in calories. One cup of fresh mango contains less than 100 calories and has a low-calorie density. Having fresh fruit before any meal during summer could prevent you from overeating.

4) Packed with Healthy Plant Compounds

Kesar Mango Pulp is rich in polyphenols, a plant compound that acts as antioxidants. The fruit has several concentrated types in the flesh, peeled, and seed kernel forms. Antioxidants are essential as they help protect cells against free radicals, and their highly reactive compounds can damage your cells. Studies have associated free radical damage with ageing signs and chronic diseases.

5) Improves Gut Health

Kesar Mango Pulp also has a good fibre content. It also aids in keeping the digestive tract healthy. The fresh fruit also adds bulk to stools and helps in the smooth movement of bowels. It can thus help prevent constipation. The mango pulp is also beneficial for keeping stomach disorders at bay. You can add it as a topping to your salads to add more fibre to your diet.

For the best quality Kesar mangoes, you can contact the best manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of fruits and Agro-commodities. Shimla Hills is one of the trusted kesar mango pulp manufacturers, offering a wide variety of premium-grade fruits. All their Mango Pulp and Puree types feature a wholesome characteristic flavour of the fruit.