The Green Path: Nature and Health in Your Hands

Green Path

With melting glaciers, drastic temperature changes, heavy pollution, etc., becoming a global concern, setting nature-friendly and sustainable goals are essential. In the same endeavor, The Green Path, a bicycle highway between Etawah lion Safari and Taj Mahal in Uttar Pradesh, India was declared open on 26th November 2016.

The Green Path is inspired from countries like Amsterdam , Berlin and Paris where a bicycle is a common choice for commuting.

One can enjoy the natural beauty of the Chambal and Yamuna rivers while cycling on this track. The picturesque views of ravines along the way captivate the souls and offer peace to the mind. The 207 km long and 7 meters wide stretch covering popular tourist destinations like Bateshwarnath Temple, Naugava ka Quila, Raja Bhoj ki Haveli, etc. will promote eco-tourism and attract the cycling enthusiasts from around the world. This innovative construction also offers connectivity of 92 villages across two districts.

The two-day inaugural event saw an active participation of approximately 150 to 230 cyclists from 12 states of India. Fitness lovers from other countries like Germany, USA, Sweden and Bangladesh also participated in the same.

Shimla Hills – one of the leading names in the agro-products industry – supports this noble cause. Thus, Kundan Singh and Aditi Gaur from Shimla Hills’ Team shared the enthusiasm and pedaled between the two tourist destinations to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Preserves and Chutneys: Our New Product Range From a New Land

Preserves and Chutneys

Shimla Hills, a leading and reliable name in the agro-products industry is escalated with joy to announce the introduction of Preserves and Chutneys produced from Himachal Pradesh to its product portfolio.

The introduction of these new products is a result of dedicated research and market know-how. We know when served along with any chutney or preserve, the taste of the edible elevates to a new level. In fact, there are many who adore consuming bread dipped directly in chutneys and preserves. They are also served along with curries, fried snacks, with other edibles such as roasted poultry, meat, sandwiches, burgers, etc.

In broad terms, a chutney is a relish originated in India. It is usually a blend of fruit, spices and herbs made to pamper the taste buds of chutney admirers. Interestingly, earlier chutneys were intended to be eaten soon after their production. However, with advancement in technology and innovative packaging, the shelf life of modern chutneys increased to a large extent.

Preserves, on the other hand, are made by cooking the fruits with sugar until the mixture thickens. Also, the medium to large chunks of fruits are left in preserves. They are then either canned or sealed for long-term storage. In many parts of the world, preserves are also prominent as fruit spreads and even fruit butter.

Shimla Hills always strives for the upliftment and betterment of the society. In its same endeavor, it took an initiative of promoting the self-help groups of Himachal Pradesh by procuring from them innovative products like apple chutneys with naga chilli (also known as world’s hottest chilli), Kiwi – Star Anise chutney, Apricot preserve, Plum Preserve, etc.

Eager to get your hands on premium quality preserves and chutneys from the snow-laden province of Himachal Pradesh? Book your order today with the trusted name of the agro-products industry, Shimla Hills.

Hopes abound as Suez Canal expands for global trade!

Hopes abound as Suez Canal expands for global trade!

Today, it is a moment of great pride and hope for the entire World as Egypt opens up the expanded Suez Canal to boost flourishing trade between Asia and Europe. At Shimla Hills, we’re all excited to witness the upsurge in our business with the European countries owing to the reduction in waiting time and transit time as the expanded canal can now allow 97 ships to pass everyday as against 49 earlier.
Egypts Suez Canal
Europe is an important destination for our home-grown Indian food products including fruit pulp, puree, concentrate, frozen fruits and vegetables (IQF) and soft commodities like nuts, pulses, spices and grains. Shimla Hills has a strong presence in Europe, with a stock-and-sales office in the port city of Rotterdam and customers spread across the entire European region. Since inception, we have been a part of Europe’s and the world’s biggest trade shows, i.e. Anuga and SIAL. The expansion of Suez Canal overwhelms our team like never before!

Already, traversing via Suez Canal, which connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, reduces maritime supply chain routes by 43 percent as sailing around Africa is avoided. And with the increased capacity of the canal, that can accommodate two-way traffic movement of the world’s largest vessels, it is poised to create a landmark impact on the global food trade.