Frozen Mango Pulp: A Healthier Treat


When you think of frozen food, you’re not exactly thinking of nourishment. But the truth is that some treats are just as healthy as they are indulgent. One such option is Frozen Mango Pulp. Rich in taste, this light food option can be truly wholesome. There are many ways to turn Frozen Mango Pulp into a healthy meal twist.

If you’re looking for the best way to get in your daily fruit intake, Frozen Mango Pulp is an easy winner. Here are some of the best ways which you can try to relish the magic of Frozen Mango Pulp

1. Curd

Summer is incomplete without a homemade mango curd. All it takes is 10 minutes to prepare a delicious, creamy, silky-smooth bowl of curd. The best way to prepare one is using Frozen Mango Pulp. You can have it in various forms; curd, tarts, cupcakes or cakes. With a combination of fruits, sugar, butter, and eggs, mango curd is a spreadable condiment and is usable in several ways. For preparation, you mainly need Frozen Mango Pulp, sugar, fresh lemon juice, cornstarch, salt, egg yolks, and cold unsalted butter. After adding in the ingredients, refrigerate until completely set, at least 4 hours and up to 5 days.

2. Salsa

The sweet-and-spicy salsa recipe mainly combines Frozen Mango Pulp, habaneros, fresh cilantro and lime. Once you learn to make the mango salsa, you’ll love making it again and again. For a sweet and spicy preparation, you will need Frozen Mango Pulp, garlic, kosher salt, fresh cilantro, extra-virgin olive oil, scallions, habanero chile, limes, and tortilla chips (for scooping). Finely chop and mash the garlic and mix its paste with cilantro, oil, Frozen Mango Pulp, scallions, habanero, and lime juice. Allow it to rest for at least 15 minutes. Season with additional salt and serve.

3. Lassi

Like a fusion of milkshake and smoothie, mango lassi is a delicious pleasure. It is more pleasurable with Frozen Mango Pulp as it gives a smooth and sweet result. All you need is equal parts of mango pulp, yoghurt, milk, and a little ice. Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend for 1-2 minutes. Then pour it into individual glasses, and serve. You can also refrigerate it for 24 hours.

4. Ceviche

Classic ceviche is a dish that has its roots in Peru. It is a traditional Latin American food made using raw fish marinated in citrus or acid, which causes the fish to cure. Since the fresh fish is cured in tart lime juice, so the use of Frozen Mango Pulp is a perfect addition. The cubed mango fruit not only looks pretty but brings a good balance of sweetness. You can also add other fruits like avocado and green apple for a refreshing and flavorful bite.

If you love snacking on fresh-cut mango, this sweet, juicy fruit pulp can do much more. To add sweetness to your recipes, you must choose premium quality Frozen Mango Pulp. This is where Shimla Hills steps in. Best known as trusted Frozen Mango Pulp suppliers, it offers an intensive range of processed fruit products, including Frozen Mango Pulp. Their fruit pulps are processed under strict hygienic conditions to retain 100% freshness and flavour.   

Indian Mango Puree: The Summer Delight


Summer is here, and so is the king of fruits – Mango. Among the various way to consume a mango, its puree is one of the major ingredients that goes into the making of juices, nectars, jams, fruit cheese, beverages, puddings and bakery fillings, fruit meals for children, ice-creams and yogurt.

Shimla Hills, one of the leading and trusted mango puree suppliers, harvest mangoes when they attain appropriate ripeness. They are then processed following all GMP and hygiene standards. This ensures that the pulp is strained free from peels, stones specks, other coarse parts of mango fruit and other substances.

The Indian Mango Puree offered by Shimla Hills is further categorized into Alphonso, Kesar and Raspuri and Totapuri Mango puree.

The Shimla Hills quality team ensures that the mango puree meets the desired customer specifications. Once the team is fully assured about the same, the puree is then transferred into special packaging under absolutely sterile environment. The puree is packed in aseptic bags and then in drums to preserve its natural aroma and characteristic rich, deep yellow color.

Apart from being a leading manufacturer and exporter of mango puree, Shimla Hills is also a trusted supplier of IQF Mango dices/slices, Mango Pulp, Juice Concentrate, and various other agro-products. To get your hands on premium quality Indian Mango Puree, book your order NOW!

A mysterious affair

A mysterious affair

Pitter-patter falls the rain, on the roof and windowpane, letting the demigods come again!

The cloud melted into a refreshing downpour and the earth evoked a pleasant musk, signalling the start of rainy season. With every drop of rain, the soil began to breathe again… ravenously gulping water like a dying man gulps for air!

My good old friend from Ica, Peru baffled to see hysteric rush of people, pacing in woozy movements just to enjoy rain. I smirked, and seeing him perplexed described monsoons in India as an excuse to walk in open without getting scorched. An assurance for Indian farmers that better cropping season lies up-ahead. And a promise that is powerful enough to control global economies, food prices, financial deficits, farm subsidies and equity market’s sentiments.

I am sure the Bermuda triangle would not give so much trouble to sailors as the Indian monsoons does to our meteorological agencies! And to add to the woes, human actions that cause an ecological imbalance, keep meddling with their natural and already ambiguous course.

What can I say more, just that I love the mysterious season of rains and delight in sipping hot tea while munching spicy pakoras (Indian snacks), when it rains heart-warmingly.