Indian Mango Puree: The Summer Delight


Summer is here, and so is the king of fruits – Mango. Among the various way to consume a mango, its puree is one of the major ingredients that goes into the making of juices, nectars, jams, fruit cheese, beverages, puddings and bakery fillings, fruit meals for children, ice-creams and yogurt.

Shimla Hills, one of the leading and trusted mango puree suppliers, harvest mangoes when they attain appropriate ripeness. They are then processed following all GMP and hygiene standards. This ensures that the pulp is strained free from peels, stones specks, other coarse parts of mango fruit and other substances.

The Indian Mango Puree offered by Shimla Hills is further categorized into Alphonso, Kesar and Raspuri and Totapuri Mango puree.

The Shimla Hills quality team ensures that the mango puree meets the desired customer specifications. Once the team is fully assured about the same, the puree is then transferred into special packaging under absolutely sterile environment. The puree is packed in aseptic bags and then in drums to preserve its natural aroma and characteristic rich, deep yellow color.

Apart from being a leading manufacturer and exporter of mango puree, Shimla Hills is also a trusted supplier of IQF Mango dices/slices, Mango Pulp, Juice Concentrate, and various other agro-products. To get your hands on premium quality Indian Mango Puree, book your order NOW!

Did you Know These 10 Health Benefits of a Mango?

Health Benefits of a Mango

The king of fruits – mango – is admired by everyone due to its juicy taste. But apart from the lip-smacking flavor, mangoes offer a plenty of health benefits. Let’s highlight the top 10 health benefits of a mango.

  1. Boosts Eye Health: The Vitamin A in mangoes promotes good eyesight, prevents dry eyes and night blindness.
  2. Keeps Heart Healthy: Fresh mangoes are packed with potassium. The nutrient controls the heart rate as well as blood pressure.
  3. Immune System Boosters: There are vitamin C, vitamin A and 25 different kinds of carotenoids present in a mango. They all keep the immune system strong and healthy.
  4. Glowing Face: When the pulp of the mango is gently massaged on the face, it helps to bring back the glow.
  5. Improvement in the Digestion: The fiber present in mangoes helps in improving the digestion.
  6. Reducing Cancer Risk: Quercetin, Gallic, Fisetin, etc. are some of the compounds present in the mangoes. All of them help in the reduction of cancer risk.
  7. Weight Loss: The calories content in mangoes is quite less. Also, the high fiber content burns additional calories by boosting the digestive function, thus, helping in weight loss.
  8. Prevents Heat Stroke: When the mango juice is consumed during summer, it prevents heat stroke and keeps the body cool.
  9. Kidney Stones Prevention: In Chinese medicine, mangoes are capable of reducing the risk of kidney stone formation.
  10. Promotes Brain Health: Mangoes also have an abundant quantity of vitamin B6. The same nutrient is essential for improving brain’s health and function.

Shimla Hills: A Quality Exporter of Delicious and Nutritious Mango Processed Products

A leading name in the agro-food products industry, Shimla Hills produces and exports top notch quality mango processed products. Totapuri, Alphonso and Kesar are the varieties of mango which are processed by Shimla Hills to produce pulp, puree, puree concentrate and IQF.

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Time to Bid Adieu to The Regalness

Time to Bid Adieu to The Regalness

What started with happiness and joy is finally standing at the door to leave. The mango season which was full of amazing taste and health benefits is almost over.

Shimla Hills, a leading name in the agro-products industry, has mango as its flagship product. While some know it as a trusted name in the industry, other call it the “mango company” because of its premium quality mango processed products. Be it mango puree concentrate, mango pulp or IQF, Shimla Hills has been consistent in adhering to the top-notch quality for their production, packaging and shipment.

The mango season this year was no less than a wonder for Shimla Hills. Though this time too there remained demand supply fluctuations but efficient production system and supply chain mechanism of Shimla Hills enabled it to successfully cater to everyone’s need while keeping the prices under control.

Amid of the season, we ensured that we don’t deviate from our motto which is maintaining the quality and delivering on time without a miss. This mango season too, we were able to match the quality of our production with international food safety standards and as always our process didn’t impact the environment.

Our customers in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA, Korea and Japan relished the taste of our processed mango products in the form of fruit cheese, mango ice-cream, dessert, puddings, bakery fillings, baby foods, flavours, yoghurt, confectionery, etc.  All thanks to the premium quality Alphonso, Totapuri and Kesar mango varieties that bestowed us with their presence this season.

This mango season was really amazing but here is a news that would take your merriment on a next level. The mango season is still on at Shimla Hills. The stock of processed mango products is still present in its warehouse with premium quality packaging which won’t let them spoil.

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A Glimpse of The Mango Processing Industry

A Glimpse of The Mango Processing Industry

Mangoes are a sheer delight because of its amazing taste and nutritive value. They are available in an abundant quantity during Summer but are hard to find after the warm months and that’s where processing comes to the rescue.

Puree, Pulp, Juice Concentrate, IQF are among the most renowned processed form of mangoes. Let’s catch a peek of the mango processing industry.

What is Mango Processing?

Mango Processing is a process wherein handpicked mangoes are inspected, washed, blanched, pulped, deseeded and turned into altogether a different form.

The Boons of Mango Processing

  • The processing preserves mangoes in different forms which can be utilized even after summer.
  • It is a source of additional income for mango growers.
  • Though most of the players include only fresh mangoes in processing but deformed and rejected mangoes too can be incorporated and turned into a different form. Thus, the mango processing allows the consumption of the rejects in their different form for a longer period of time.
  • IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) technique makes the mango dices and slices very easy to work with. It also preserves the nutrition value of the fruit.

Mango Processed Products – The life and soul of various edibles

Mango Pulp, Puree, Juice Concentrate, etc. are one of the major ingredients that go in the making of numerous delicacies. Some of these products are mango juice, nectars, mango based drinks, jams, fruit cheese, mango ice-cream, dessert, puddings, bakery fillings, baby foods, flavors, yogurt and confectionery.

Some Jaw-Dropping Insights

  • In 2005, the Philippines exported a total of P13.3 million metric tons of processed mango products.
  • India contributes nearly 46% of the total world production of mangoes that are further processed into various forms.
  • In India Mango Production increased from 8.7 million tons to a whopping 13.8 million tons during 1991-2007.
  • Mango puree constitutes more than 50% of the exported processed mango products.
  • The country has exported 1,54,820.69 MT of Mango Pulp to the world for the worth of Rs. 841.39 crores during the year 2014-15.

Shimla Hills – One of the Leading Mango Processed Products Exporters

Shimla Hills exports mango processed products such as fruit pulp, juice concentrate, IQF and fruit puree that are healthy and made out of premium quality fully ripened fruits. They are processed under the extreme hygienic condition and then packed aseptically to retain 100% freshness, color, aroma, and flavor.

The furtive aroma of the great Indian Alphonso Mango

The furtive aroma of the great Indian Alphonso Mango

The most characteristic quality about Indian mango, specifically for the Alphonso mango is the aroma. It is this quality that makes this Indian mango so distinct and different from any other variety found around the world. The credit for this unique smell can to great extend be given to the soil and then to the climatic conditions which help in giving mango their unique aroma.
The Alphonso mango from Ratnagiri is most loved for its exotic sweet taste and equally exotic aroma. Ratnagiri is a port city on the Arabian Sea coast in Ratnagiri District in Maharashtra, India. The fruit finds a perfect home in the Konkan strip of western coastal stretch of India where the fertile alluvial soil nourishes them to abundance and produces the most authentic Alphonso. Apart from its deep sweet taste, the Alphonso mango is cherished for its tender texture, devoid of any fiber and aromatic flesh.
The distinctive aroma and flavour of Indian mango is rendered by the presence of various volatile organic chemicals mainly belonging to terpene, furanone, lactone and ester classes. The presence of monoterpenes, “Myrcene” and “(Z)-ocimene” and “Lactones” and “Furanones” provides a very distinctive, vibrant, multi-facet aroma and flavour to Indian mango cultivars, specifically the Alphonso mangoes.
The lactones and furanones present in Alphonso mango are synthesized while ripening. However, terpenes and the other flavourants exist in immature as well as ripened fruits. The monoterpene, “myrcene” is found in ripened Alphonso mango and is the reason for the citrusy, woodsy and fruity aroma of Alphonso and other species like lemongrass, hops, Indian bay tree, cannabis and verbena. At Shimla Hills, we never use artificial ripening methodologies to ensure that the “myrcene” stays intact and so does the natural aroma of the mango.
Interestingly, terpenes like myrcene were evolved by plants to lure certain favourable insects and prevent animals from grazing. However, human beings being a much evolved, higher species had an evolutionary ability to not be adversely affected by these chemicals, by moderating their ability to be assimilated in our bodies. The only effect these chemicals have on our system is that they magnify the euphoric effect of cannabis and other similar recreational drugs. So next time do eat a mango before you smoke marijuana to boost the level of high!