How the Frozen Green Peas is Shaping Cooking Trends

Green Peas

Frozen Green Peas are easy to use and store as they come without the trouble of shelling. They can be stored easily for about 6-12 months. However, there is a little difference is little difference between fresh and frozen peas in terms of nutrition. These small-sized peas are satisfying, nutritious, and flavourful. They retain their natural taste and freshness every moment until the expiry. Check out these four essential benefits of Frozen Green Peas to know why they could be beneficial for your health. 

1. Rich Source of Plant-Based Protein

The high quantity of fibre and plant-based protein make the peas an ideal component of wholesome food. They are also a good source of iron that is essential to produce red blood cells and transfer oxygen into our bodies. 

2. Improve Blood Sugar Management

Frozen peas have a low glycaemic index (GI) and high fibre content required to balance blood sugar levels. It also contains starch, which aids our digestion. Studies have shown that Frozen Peas may also balance blood sugar levels. They are enriched with nutrients like B Vitamin, magnesium, and Vitamin C, which help in blood sugar management.

3. Support Digestive Health

Frozen peas are a rich source of fibre. In addition, the fibre content in the peas is primarily soluble, which helps in digestion. Therefore, consuming these frozen food delights is related to a limited risk of health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, heart problems, obesity, and cancer. 

4. Manage Heart Health

Frozen peas have heart-friendly minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium. They are also a rich source of Vitamin C and phytonutrients like carotenoids and flavanols, which support cardiovascular health. In addition, the soluble fibre in Frozen Peas helps in managing cholesterol levels. 

Overall, Frozen Green Peas are a healthy food choice to add to your diet. One of the trusted Frozen Green Peas suppliers is Shimla Hills. The company offers a premium range of IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) Frozen Peas ensuring superior taste and great quality.

Healthy Reasons to Indulge in Frozen Corn on the Cob

sweet corn

Corn on the cob or sweet corn is one of the best summer foods. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, corn on the cob belongs to the starchy vegetable group. It is available frozen or canned in several varieties. Frozen Corn on the Cob is succulent, sweet, and highly nutritious. Because of these reasons, it deserves a place in your diet this summer.   

1. Promotes Colon Health

Frozen Corn on the cob is a rich source of soluble and insoluble fiber. Researchers at the University of Maryland suggest that a compound known as Inositol Hexaphosphate is found in the corn fiber, preventing colon cancer growth. For maximum benefits, have the frozen sweet corn with cancer-fighting CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) enriched butter. 

2. Good for Diabetes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 40% of Americans may develop Type-2 diabetes during their lifespan, with older adults at higher risk. The frozen sweet corn has a low-calorie density and is, therefore, suitable for people with diabetes. 

3. Contributes to Eye Health

Frozen Corn on the cob is a good source of carotenoids that help improve eye health. Carotenoids also help lower the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. In one study, people on a higher carotenoid diet showed a 43% reduction in eye diseases.

4. Weight Management

Frozen Corn on the cob is a good food option for weight management. One serving of the frozen grain has 60 calories, 0.5 fat, 14.4 g carbs, 1.9 g protein, and 0.7 mg sodium. The high-fiber content keeps you full for longer and helps you resist overeating. 

Sweet corn should be part of your healthy balanced diet. You can get a list of the best exporters for frozen corn on the cob through a quick online search. Shimla Hills is one such reputed supplier known for providing the highest quality products, including IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) sweet corn kernels. In addition, they follow the highest hygiene and safety standards throughout the processing period. 

The Health Value of Coconut Dices is Next-Level

The Soft IN Hard OUT Nut: Coconut

The coconut belongs to the palm family known as Arecaceae. They are grown in abundance in Malaysia, Southern Asia, and Polynesia. The coconuts are often confused as a nut but classified as a fruit. In addition, they contain raw white meat, referred to as kernel. Coconut meat is available in many forms, including frozen, fresh, and dried. You can add the frozen coconut dices to stir-fries and stews. They are rich in fibre, Vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, and B6, and minerals such as iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Therefore, coconut dices benefit health in several ways.

1. Good for Oral Health

The Coconut Dices contain MCFAs (Medium Chain Fatty Acids) with antimicrobial properties. As a result, it helps prevent infections leading to tooth problems and root canals. While eating coconut dices are not an alternative for proper oral hygiene, it can help treat unwanted bacteria present in your mouth, protect gums, and treat tooth infection.

2. Build Endurance

The kernel of Coconut Dices has a high content of MCFAs (Medium Chain Fatty Acids). The MCFAs are a saturated fat type that is easier to digest. These fats are also known as Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), which can help boost the endurance and stamina of athletes.

3. Packed with Antioxidants

Coconut kernel contains a phenolic compound, an antioxidant that can help protect cells from oxidative damage. The main phenolic compounds are gallic acid, salicylic acid, caffeic acid, and p-coumaric acid. Lab studies on coconut meat have shown that it has antioxidant and free-radical scavenging activity. In addition, the polyphenols present in the Coconut Dice can stop the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Thus, it reduces the chances of forming plaques in arteries that may lead to heart disease.

Overall, Coconut Dices are an excellent addition to a balanced diet. If you’re looking for quality frozen foods, then look for the best Coconut Dices Manufacturers. Shimla Hills is a reputed supplier of high-quality food. They also specialize in IQF foods that retain their nutritional benefits and taste.

IQF Fruits and Vegetables: Frozen Delights by Shimla Hills


Abbreviated from Individually Quick Frozen, IQF is a technique under which each individual piece of food is frozen separately. Rather than freezing food pieces together and making a block of it, each food piece is chilled individually. This terrific technology makes IQF fruits and vegetables much easier to work with.

Shimla Hills, a trusted frozen fruit manufacturer and exporter, offers an exclusive range of IQF fruits and vegetables that attract customers from around the world. Each of our frozen product offers long-lasting freshness, taste and texture, which makes our brand presence felt across the globe.

Our best quality IQF fruits and vegetables are famous for following high-quality standards. We provide everything right from the diced, sliced forms to a completely frozen IQF variety of fruits and vegetables and that too at the most competitive price. Now you can relish some of your favourite fruits and vegetables all year round. For example, mangoes, muskmelons, strawberries and much more.

Why choose IQF?

1. Easier option – no peeling, cutting, and chopping plus a longer shelf life

2. Affordable rates

3. Both frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables with IQF have the same nutritional value.

Being a bulk quantity exporter of IQF food products, Shimla Hills never overlooks Quality. Only fruits and vegetables that are free from genetic modifications are selected to be frozen. They are also inspected thoroughly and washed before turning them into chilled delights.

Along with quality standards followed for IQF, an emphasis is also laid on the best packaging. The packing of IQF Fruits and Vegetables ensures that the flavour and quality of the offering remain intact.

IQF offering of Shimla Hills includes IQF Papaya, IQF Pineapple, IQF Coconut Cubes, IQF Green Peas, IQF Baby Corn, IQF Musk Melon, IQF Okra, IQF Guava, IQF Sweet Corn, IQF Pomegranate Arils, IQF Carrot, IQF Mixed Vegetables, and of course the king of fruits and blessing of Summer, IQF Mangoes (Alphonso and Totapuri). When you chose the IQF method, you choose a healthy and fulfilling one!

IQF: The Reason Behind Frozen Delights


IQF or Individually Quick Frozen is a revolutionary technique in the food processing and agro-food industry that makes ice crystals inside the fruits and vegetables. With IQF, the nutritional value of the fruits & vegetables can be very well kept intact.

How Does IQF Technique Work?

The IQF freezer uses either Liquid Nitrogen or Cryogenic Carbon Dioxide gas to lock-in the moisture, shape as well as freshness of fruits and vegetables.

  • Liquid Nitrogen: In this case, either the fruits of vegetables are placed in an immersion of liquid nitrogen at a temperature of minus 1960 Celsius or it is applied to them while they are in motion. IQF with liquid nitrogen is also used with sauce coated products or in case if the water content is quite high.
  • Freezing with Cryogenic: IQF with Cryogenic Freezing freezes liquid or moisture into pellets and coatings. Either the cryogenic gas is sprayed on the food products or they are immersed into the gas in order to freeze them.

Why is IQF Preferred By Frozen Fruits and Vegetable Suppliers?

There is the option of cold storage available with the producers and exporters of frozen food products. However, a majority of them prefer to use IQF because it takes very less time to freeze the products. In IQF, the membrane of the ice crystals is limited, thus it does not damage the membrane of the fruits and vegetables.

Above all, when products are frozen in cold storage, they exhibit a considerable drip loss and ruined texture when defrosted. Also, it is quite difficult to keep the nutrients intact with the use of cold storage option.

Shimla Hills – A Trusted IQF Fruits and Vegetable Supplier

Shimla Hills, an eminent name in the agro-products industry, provide everything right from the diced, sliced forms to completely frozen IQF variety of fruits and vegetables. Some of our IQF offering includes Alphonso Mango Slices / Dices, IQF Guava Dices-Pink, IQF Papaya Dices, IQF Pomegranate Arils, IQF Coconut Dices, IQF Carrot Dices, etc.

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