Shimla Hills: Earned its Spot in Global Guava Market Report 2017

Guava Pulp, Guava Puree

Shimla Hills feels proud and is escalated with merriment as it announces that it has earned its spot in the Global Guava Market Report of 2017 as one of the key sellers in the Guava Market.

The report provides an extensive research study on the current scenario of the Guava market of the whole world. It also offers an overview classifications of Guavas in the market, their applications and the chain structure of the Guava Industry.

Guava Market report also contains development plans, policies, manufacturing process and price structure. It analyzes the Guava market scope, market share, and potential shares.

Shimla Hills: One of the Key Sellers

After analyzing the Guava market of US, EU, China and Japan on factors such as

  • Import/export details,
  • Product Specification,
  • Product cost,
  • Guava gross margin and revenue

the Global Guava Market 2017 declared and recognized Shimla Hills as one of the key sellers of the industry.

We, at Shimla Hills, one of the leading names in the agro-products Industry, always endeavor to offer quality Guava processed products such as Guava Pulp (white & pink), White Guava puree concentrate, IQF Pink Guava Dices and various other agro-products.

Our uncompromising commitment towards quality, fair trade practices, and transparent dealings have led us made a strong impact in the industry. We pledge to adhere to our core principles and serve our clientele with quality products at a competitive price.

8th Anniversary Celebrations at Shimla Hills

8th Anniversary Celebrations at Shimla Hills

On 25th May, 2015 we marked the eighth year of existence of Shimla Hills. We celebrated the 8th Anniversary of Shimla Hills with all the enthusiasm and passion. A tree plantation drive was conducted at our office premises in Shoghi, Shimla.

Our growth over the last eight years is synonymous to:


The humble ‪‎mango has grown up to a wide range of tropical fruits, vegetables and splendid agro ‪commodities including spices, pulses, grains, nuts, oilseeds and flavours. We have a robust logistics and supply chain mechanism that reaches out to our customers in the most efficient way. We like diversifying!

 Embracing new technologies

From ‪‎canned to aseptic; and then ‪IQF and flavour compounding, we have embraced the latest technologies for food processing to meet the evolving demands of our global customer. An organization wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system levels up operational efficiencies across all geographies and offers real-time service to our customers. We like scaling up!

 Leading food innovation

We foster an open centre for creativity, innovation and research, CoE (Centre of Excellence) unit that is poised to have a landmark impact on the food and aromatic industry. We’re at work to develop holistic solutions for the food and beverage industry. We like innovating!


infographic anniversary
infographic anniversary

“From farm to plate, make food safe”- A mandate at Shimla Hills

“From farm to plate, make food safe”- A mandate at Shimla Hills

As we celebrate #WorldHealthDay today, and as we talk about ‘#Food Safety’ as the theme for the year, many thoughts run past my mind. Food Safety is undoubtedly a shared responsibility. It requires equal participation of international and regional organizations in the fields of food, agriculture and health as well as non-public health sectors like food processing, trade, commerce, environment and tourism.

With this year’s slogan, ”From farm to plate, make food safe”, World Health Organisation (WHO) is laying emphasis on ‘food safety’ as an indispensable component of the global food supply chain. As we have progressed from the primitive ages, the production and processing of food has become an industrialized affair and the supply and distribution of food a globalized phenomenon. The global food pallet is no longer defined by local boundaries.

Our journey at Shimla Hills has also been shaped by this very global food movement. We have had our stories of successes and failures, discoveries and inventions influenced by the global food landscape and our customer requirements. However, at every juncture of this journey, we were deeply anchored by the belief of sustaining quality that travels right from origination till consumption. It’s been our slogan since inception and that is why we invest at every level of manufacturing, processing and distribution to be able to offer infallible food safety and quality.

Our uncompromising commitment towards quality and food safety, which is scrupulously observed at every facet of the supply chain is reflected in the following practices:

  1. Our food safety guarantee comes enforced by credible certificates like BRC, HACCP, A.I.J.N., S.G.F., I.R.A, GMP, APEDA, USFDA, ISO 22000:2005 for processing and packaging.
  2. A state-of-the-art laboratory and a centre dedicated towards excellence (CoE) in delivering customer value are hallmarks of our quality assurance mandate. Read more here:
  3. We are the first Indian company to use wireless digital online temperature control system right from the farms, all the way through the value chain, even over the sea till it reaches end user.
  4. We deploy best digital online channels for food traceability which onset at the farm level.
  5. We are the first Indian exporter to use precision controlled, modified atmosphere and modified humidity packaging for fresh produce.
  6. Our packhouses are equipped with latest technology that ensures proper post-harvest management, along with proper washing, drying, grading, packaging, ripening, VHT etc. based on product categories at each packhouse.
  7. We use neem (Indian Lilac) wood wooden pallets to ship our pulp/puree/concentrate consignments to international locations. Even after assuring systematic fumigation, ordinary word is susceptible to mould formation.
  8. Tests for agro-chemical residue, heavy metals and pesticides in conducted under QS certified, third-party laboratories like EUROFINS, SGS and TUV.
  9. To guarantee the consistency of our products, we use international standard food grade aseptic Goglio bags for packaging that are further packed in rust free steel drums with inner polyliner.
  10. Our fruit pulp units have unique PLC controlled automatic continuous processing plant machinery. This means all our products are processed and packed under utmost sterile conditions, with negligible human intervention.
  11. We never use artificial ripening methods and take utmost care to ensure that the natural taste and nutrients of the food stay intact. We undertake fruit ripening through government approved Ethylene system as against commonly used Carbide ripening.
  12. We love nature in its purest form. Therefore, we never support GMO (Genetically Modified Food). We believe that traditional, organic farming has much potential that can be harnessed to deliver higher yields.
  13. We have a stringent, three step vendor gating process that methodically ensures our vendors meet high expectations of our business and customers.
  14. At the core of all farming and food processing activities, Shimla Hills has always endeavoured to protect the environment as we firmly believe that the nature gives us back! Read more on our waste management practices here:

So as we rejoice in giving an affable nod to the World Health Organisation (WHO) in its endeavor to provide food safety; do join us in the movement by ensuring that you consume only safe food!

Sun Impex, sister concern of Shimla Hills participating in Food & Hotel Myanmar 2014

Food & Hotel Myanmar 2014

Sun Impex, the sister concern of Shimla Hills is participating at Food & Hotel Myanmar 2014. Agriculture has been pivotal in accelerating the growth of Myanmar’s economy which has grown immensely in the past decade. More than 70% of its population rely on agriculture for their livelihood. This has made Myanmar a food surplus country in basic food items.

Myanmar’s agricultural produce is close to 55-60 million tonnes per year. This makes them second largest exporter of peas, pulses, dry beans and lentils, and also exports fish and seafood. The event therefore brings forward a wonderful opportunity forward.

There will more than 250 companies, 29 participating countries, 6 international pavilions and numerous thought-provoking features at the exhibition. Myanmar Culinary Arts Competition (MCAC), Myanmar National Barista Championship (MNBC) and AHRA-ASEAN Bartenders’ Competition 2014 are all part of this show.

But what makes this show even more significant is its reach in the two most important regions of Asia – South East Asia and South Asia. Apart from this, powerful economies – China, India and the five ASEAN countries (Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.) are brought under one roof at this event.

The event promotes immense knowledge gain and whole new experience. Our team is all set to be part of this event and we wish them great success for Food & Hotel Myanmar 2014.

Visit Sun Impex at Food & Hotel Myanmar 2014 at:-

  • Venue – Myanmar Convention Centre, Yangon
  • When – from 18 to 20 June, 2014
  • Where – Stand No. H7, Hall No. 1


Products being showcased at the event –

  • Fruit pulp, puree and concentrate
  • Pulses
  • Animal Feed
  • Spices, Oilseeds and Grains
  • Flavours, colours and fragrances

Wishing our team good luck for Iran Food and Hospitality 2014 !

Iran Food Hospitality 2014

We give our team good wishes as they leave for Iran Food and Hospitality 2014, next week. We have full confidence in our Shimla Hills team and their achievements. They have done outstanding work in the past.

Iran is a very potential market. The potential of food business with Iran is estimated to be 18.042 billion US Dollar. In 2012 Iran imported 1.7 million MT of rice. Not just this, World Trade Organization in 2012 estimated total Iranian food imports to be 12.442 billion US Dollar which is just double the food exports at 5.600 billion US Dollar done by Iran in the same year. The lifting of restrictions on food imports in Iran has also broadened the scope of investment in the food industry here.

Part of the Iran Agrofood 2014, this event is organised under the aegis of Iranian Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture and Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade. Iran Food and Hospitality 2014 brings with it host of incentives – an excellent visitor base with high percentage of industry decision makers, brilliant interaction and a chance to acquire more about industry’s latest.

The team is wrapping up last minute work these days and looks very busy – so we are not troubling them these days. The checklist for exhibition has already been crosschecked and verified at least thrice.

Shimla Hills team will be available at Iran Food and Hospitality 2014 from:-

  • 30th May to 2nd June, 2014
  • Venue – Tehran International Permanent Fairgrounds, Iran
  • At booth no. 35.23, Hall no 35

We are displaying following products at the event:-

  • Fruit Pulp, Puree & Concentrate
  • Flavours & Colours
  • IQF Fruits & Vegetables
  • Oilseeds, Grains & Pulses
  • Nuts & Spices
  • Animal Feed