How Fruit Pulp & Puree Becoming Heavily Sought-after in Modern Food & Beverages Industry.

Fruit Pulp and Puree

Utterly delicious in taste and nutritious health-wise, fruit pulp & puree have a huge demand in global markets. The food & beverages industry is witnessing a huge boost from these two processed forms of fruits. In this blog post, we will know what makes fruit pulp & puree so much sought-after in the current food & beverages industry.

It has been observed that frozen fruit pulp bears a longer shelf life compared to fresh fruit. In frozen form, the pulp retains all the nutrition with it for long, provided it is maintained at the required chilling storage temperatures. Read more

Mango Crop Prediction 2018

Mango Crop Prediction 2018

Mango is one of the most loved fruits all over the world. Summers in India are rich and pleasant only because of these juicy and fleshy delights. India holds about 40% share of mango production in the world. Thus, the country proudly holds the title of ‘top producer of mangoes’. If we consider the production state-wise, Andhra Pradesh is the top mango production state with an average of production of 24.5 lakh tonnes (between 2010-14). It is then followed by Bihar, Odisha, Karnataka, and other states. Read more

Winters: Casting a Magical Spell Yet Again

Agro Products

The Indian subcontinent is not only diverse in terms of its culture but also its weather. And, many parts are already under the charming spell of the sparkling winters. From the ice-capped snow peaks to the chilly breeze to the unexpected heavy rains, India witnesses different facets of the same season and greatly enjoys it while it lasts. The wintery chill spreads from November and lasts even until March at some places. From the crunchy nuttiness of peanut chakki to biting through a fresh round red apple, winter takes everyone’s fancy for one reason or another. Read more

Dairy Industry: What’s Trending?


Right from a humble product, the cow’s milk, to more sophisticated product like cheese, dairy is an indispensable part of food and beverage industry. It is quite interesting to note that India is the world’s largest producer of milk and contributes a whopping 9.5 percent to global milk production.

Let’s take a look at the popular trends governing the global dairy industry:

The Growth of Clean Label: Years back, people didn’t clearly know what a clean label stood for and now they know what a brand is promising them. They are checking if the dairy products are free from artificial ingredients and chemical/ pesticides. People are willing to a pay good price for the quality that promises adulteration-free dairy products. Read more

Delighting the World with Top Quality Guava Processed Products


In a study of 2011, many Indian fruits were put to test for nutritional value and Guava made to the top with the highest concentration of antioxidants, carrying just under 500 milligrams per 100 grams of antioxidants. Its products are creating a stir in the global market.

Shimla Hills, a global leading supplier of agro-products, has also been delighting its clients with premium quality Guava products such as Guava Pulp, Guava Puree,  IQF Guava, etc.. As per Global Guava Market 2017 Industry Research Report published on news, Shimla Hills has recently earned a spot as one of the key sellers in the Guava Market with the following offerings: Read more